NRM 5302

NRM 5302 Seminar in Range and Wildlife Management (3-0). This course is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of graduate students studying various disciplines in Range and Wildlife Management. May be repeated under different subject matter titles. Recent courses include GIS applications; Applied Wildlife Research; Wildlife Research Grants and Publications; Principles of Ecology; Wildlife Conservation for Teachers; Advanced Techniques in Vegetation Analysis; Range Research Techniques. May be repeated under different subject matter titles.

Summer 2024

Sem: Field Ecology   Section 201   Ryan Luna
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2023

Sem: Ecological Modeling   Section 001   Carlos Gonzalez
Thry & Analysis of Animal Mvmn   Section 002   Justin French
App. of Ecol. Restoration   Section 004   Carlos Gonzalez

Summer 2023

SEM:Foundatns of Data Managmnt   Section 102   Alexandra Hettena

Spring 2023

Rangeland Ecology   Section 001   Robert Kinucan
Multivariate Methods in Ecolog   Section 002   Justin French

Fall 2022

Prof. Dev. In NRM   Section 001   Ryan Luna
Soil Morphology   Section V01   Lynn Loomis

Spring 2022

Range Ecology   Section 001   Carlos Gonzalez
 | Student Evaluation