Lisa Lopez

Instructor of Education

Curriculum Vitæ

MAB 309C   C-115
432 837-8170

I feel very fortunate to have joined this great group of experienced educators and I look forward to working with everyone. I have been in the field of education for 28 years and have had the opportunity of working in administration positions over the past 22 years in all areas of K-12 education and at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as well. My philosophy of education is to help all those we serve to understand that learning is an ongoing process throughout life and that everyone must always seek to learn something new in order to enhance one’s own knowledge. I am a risk taker who believes that “unless you try to do something beyond what you have already achieved, you will never grow.” I also look forward to being instrumental in growing our program and recruiting more excellent students to become the great leaders that are immensely needed in our Texas schools. The impact that we make to inspire others to become great leaders is an honor and I am here to support everyone in any way possible as we continue to charge forward being THE best servant leaders on the planet!  


Spring 2024

EDSR 6305 2W1   Curricul Instruc & Assmnt        
 | Student Evaluation
EDSR 7304 1W1   Ed Leadership-Principals        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 6305 2W1   Curriculum Instrcn & Assmnt        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 7304 1W1   Ed Leadership for Principals        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2023

EDSR 5309 W01   Intro to School Admin        
EDUA 5309 W01   Intro to School Administration