EDUA 7304

EDUA 7304 Educational Leadership for Principals (3-0). A critical examination of the theory and practice of leadership. The behaviors skills attributes beliefs and attitudes for leadership will be researched and investigated. Special attention will be placed on the change process to improve campuses and the development of professional learning communities. Students will develop a plan to create a PLC or Leadership Committee to study a problem on their campus identified by data. Must be taken with EDUA 5333. If student is seeking certification this course must be taken with EDUA 7100. Course equivalents ED/EDUC 7304 (through Summer 2022), EDSR 7304.

Summer 2023

Ed Leadership for Principals   Section 1AB   Galen Privitt
Ed Leadership for Principals   Section 2W1   Cynde Wadley

Spring 2023

Ed Leadership for Principals   Section W01   Jennifer Haan, Ph.D.