Jennifer Haan, Ph.D.

Director of Online Programs & Distance Ed

Curriculum Vitæ

MAB 309C   C-115

Jennifer M. Haan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Educational Leadership at Sul Ross State University.  She has held various administrative positions in K-12 in Texas, New Mexico, and California, including school site administrator and central office administrator, overseeing Bilingual, English Learner and Migrant Education Programs.
She received her B.A. in American Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz.  Her M.A. is in Educational Leadership and Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.  Dr. Haan earned her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration from New Mexico State University. The focus of her research is social justice leadership as related to the experiences of students in the K-12 public education system.

Fall 2023

EDUA 5333 W01   Educational Research II        
 | Student Evaluation

Summer 2023

EDUA 7102 1W1   Practicum III-Certification        
 | Student Evaluation

Spring 2023

EDSR 6355 W01   Instructional Leadership        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 6355 W01   Instructional Leadership        
EDUA 7304 W01   Ed Leadership for Principals        

Fall 2022

EDUA 5309 W01   Intro to School Administration        
EDUA 5333 W01   Educational Research II        
EDUA 7101 W07   Practicum II-Certifcation        

Summer 2022

ED 5309 1W2   Intro to School Admin        
ED 6355 2W1   Instructional Leadership        
ED 7304 2W1   Ed Leadership-Principals        
EDUC 5309 1W1   Intro to School Admin        
 | Student Evaluation

Spring 2022

ED 6355 W02   Instructional Leadership        
ED 6389 W01   Special Pops & Programs        
ED 7100 005   Practicum I-Certification        
ED 7304 W01   Ed Leadership-Principals