Carl Igo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Agriculture Education

Curriculum Vitæ

Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences
RAS 110   C-11
432 8378260

Texas born, raised and educated (mostly);

Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Education & Agricultural Communications, Texas Tech University;

Masters of Science, Agricultural Education, Texas Tech University;

Doctorate of Philosophy, Agricultural Education and Educational Leadership, Oklahoma State University.

Favorite thing about teaching? Students!

Favorite subjects to teach? Anything that increases literacy of the system that provides the world's food, clothing, shelter, and more.

Favorite topics to reasearch? Education in and about agriculture, agricultural leadership, student retention.

Spring 2024

AGED 2313 001   Prin of Agri Leadership        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 1101 001   Freshman Seminar        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 2312 001   Current Issues in Ag        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 5322 W01   Statistics For The Animal Sci        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2023

AGED 2304 001   Intro to Ag Education        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 1101 001   Freshman Seminar        
ANSC 3310 W01   ST: Prin Tch Adult Learners        
ANSC 5308 W01   Prin Tch Adult Learners        

Summer 2023

ANSC 5317 2W1   Implementing Change        
 | Student Evaluation