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Department of Visual and Performing Arts Courses

ART 1301   Art Appreciation    
ART 1301   Art Appreciation   ART 1301 (ARTS 1301) Art Appreciation (3-0). An introductory course leading to an understanding of the Visual Arts.  
ART 1303   Art History I   ART 1303 (ARTS 1303) Art History I (3-0). A survey of the art and architecture of the Western World from prehistoric times through the Gothic Period. Equivalent courses: ART 3304 (through Summer 2011)  
THEA 2330   Theatre Graphics   THEA 2330 Theatre Graphics (3-0). Theatre Graphics is an introductory course on the fundamentals of drafting for the theatre, Students learn hand drafting, Vectorworks 2020, and other similar software. Projects will consist of students translating existing draftings into 2-D and 3-D CAD drafting as well as translating a complete set of plates from an existing design. Students are expected to complete their projects largely outside of class.  
THEA 4310   Audition Techniques   THEA 4310 Audition Techniques (3-0). Students learn auditioning techniques and etiquette through exercises and simulated classroom auditions. Students also learn how to record and submit video auditions, create a professional acting resume, and what makes a strong headshot.