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ANSC 1101   Freshman Seminar    
ANSC 1419   Introductory Animal Science    
ANSC 2303   Horsemanship I    
ANSC 2304   Ag Ed in Sec Schools   An analysis of evolving concepts and philosophies of agricultural education programs with emphasis upon history, legislation, and principles underlying organization and practice.  
ANSC 2304   Intro to Ag Education    
ANSC 2305   Meat Animal & Carcass Eval    
ANSC 2306   Companion Animal Management   A study of the breeds, management, genetics, reproduction, nutrition and diseases of major classes of companion animals.  
ANSC 2311   Intro to Agriculture   Individualized instruction in all facets of Animal Science. Course development to meet specific needs of individual students. May be repeated with approval of ANSC Chair. Offered all semesters.  
ANSC 2312   Current Issues in Ag    
ANSC 2313   Prin of Agri Leadership    
ANSC 2315   Equine Exercise Physio   An exploration of physiological and environmental factors associated with equine athletic performance. The course will cover adaptation of the respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, thermoregulatory, and support systems to training and exercise. Common athletic injuries encountered in conditioning programs will also be discussed. Prerequisite: ANSC 1419.  
ANSC 2406   Meat Science    
ANSC 3302   Swine Prod & Mgt    
ANSC 3305   Horse Prod & Mgt    
ANSC 3307   Sausage Manufacturing    
ANSC 3308   Agri Statistics    
ANSC 3309   Sheep & Goat Prod & Mgt    
ANSC 3310   Equine Conformation & Biomech    
ANSC 3310   Meat Judging    
ANSC 3310   Ruminant Nutrition    
ANSC 3310   Special Pop in Ag Ed    
ANSC 3311   Anat & Phys Dom Animals   An Introduction to basic anatomy and physiology, focusing on domestic animals. Topics will range from cell biology through organ systems and include both anatomy and physiology within the systems and total body interaction. Prerequisite: ANSC 1419  
ANSC 3312   Equine Excercise Physiology    
ANSC 3313   Equine Lameness and Rehab    
ANSC 3315   Appl Anim Be & Welfare   Transdisciplinary study of animal behavior as it relates to the management and well-being of domestic livestock and captive animal species. Special emphasis on human-animal interactions, assessment and standards, and facility design. Prerequisite: ANSC 1419.  
ANSC 3318   Tch Methods in Ag Ed   Instructional methodology course that focuses on the selection and use of teaching strategies, methods/approaches, and techniques; evaluating learning; and managing learning environments for teaching agricultural subjects in formal educational settings.  
ANSC 3319   Prog Plan in Ag Ed   Principles and practices used in designing courses of instruction for effective teaching and total program development.  
ANSC 3320   Problems in Ag Education    
ANSC 3321   Curriculum Planning in Ag Ed    
ANSC 3402   Beef Cattle Prod & Mgt    
ANSC 3406   Meat Science    
ANSC 3407   Sausage Manufacturing    
ANSC 3410   A&P of Domestic Animals    
ANSC 3411   Livestock Slaughter Insp    
ANSC 3416   Lvstk Wildlife Nutr Mgmt    
ANSC 3416   Lvstk Wildlife Nutr Mgmt   Provide a thorough understanding of feeds and nutrients, their classifications and an introduction to how animals digest and absorb nutrients. Animal species will be discussed individually and how rations vary and are formulated depending on stage of life or production. Both computer and hand diet formulation will be practiced. Prerequisite: 1419  
ANSC 4300   Meat Technology    
ANSC 4302   Food and Meat Safety    
ANSC 4303   Meat Fabrication    
ANSC 4304   Reproductive Physiology    
ANSC 4305   Agri Genetics    
ANSC 4306   Animal Hlth & Diseases   Introduction to the basic principles of epidemiology with special reference to the pathogenesis of diseases in the animal population; description of the role of the animal scientist, veterinarian and farm manager in the control of diseases.  
ANSC 4307   Reproductive Techniques    
ANSC 4307   Ultrasound & Repro Tech    
ANSC 4308   Animal Nutrition    
ANSC 4311   Agricultural Genetics    
ANSC 4311   Eq Conditioning & Rehab    
ANSC 4311   Field Exp in Ag Education    
ANSC 4311   Forage Prod & Mgmt    
ANSC 4311   McNair Research    
ANSC 4311   McNair: Animal Sci Research    
ANSC 4311   Problems In ANSC    
ANSC 4311   Professional Development    
ANSC 4315   Endocrinology    
ANSC 4316   Ruminant Nutrition    
ANSC 4317   Senior Capstone    
ANSC 5303   Forage Prod & Mgmt   Advanced studies in current agricultural and natural resource sciences research. Topics assigned according to the experience, interest, and needs of the individual student. Registration approval by the ANSC chair. May be repeated under different subject matter titles.  
ANSC 5303   Ruminant Nutrition   Advanced studies in current agricultural and natural resource sciences research. Topics assigned according to the experience, interest, and needs of the individual student. Registration approval by the ANSC chair. May be repeated under different subject matter titles.  
ANSC 5308   Prin Tch Adult Learners   This course covers a broad range of topics in the field of adult education. The purpose is to further the development of adult educators; therefore, the course focuses on theories, methods, and issues in adult education.  
ANSC 5312   Biostat Analysis I    
ANSC 5313   Biostat Analysis II    
ANSC 5316   Project Research    
ANSC 5317   Implementing Change   This course examines the processes by which professional change agents influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological changes.  
ANSC 5320   Advanced Nutritional Mgmt.    
ANSC 5320   Animal Industries    
ANSC 5321   Animal Sci Business Planning    
ANSC 5322   Statistics For The Animal Sci    
ANSC 5323   Research Literature   This course guides the student, step-by-step, from the selection of a problem, through the process of conducting authentic research, to the preparation of completed report, with practical suggestions based on a solid theoretical framework.  
ANSC 5324   Animal Physiology    
ANSC 5325   Agri Genetics and Biotech   This course provides a student with solid grounding in core genetics and biotechnology concepts, as well as information on cutting-edge science and technology and their applications in real-world agriculture, medicine, and health care.  
ANSC 5326   Animal Reproduction    
ANSC 5327   Animal Nutrition    
ANSC 5328   Meat Production   The course will investigate live animal, meat products, and formulation of recipes for processed meats and sausage products of domestic meat production.  
ANSC 5329   Animal Breeding   Advanced topics in breeding animal selection using scenario-based techniques and animal data to optimize production systems. Breeding plans of all livestock species including rotational and terminal crosses and the use of crossbreeding advantages of heterosis and breed complementarity. Additionally, heritability estimates and economically important traits will be focused on.  
ANSC 5331   Ruminant Nutrition    
ANSC 5403   Biostatistical Analysis Theory    
ANSC 6301   Thesis Proposal    
ANSC 6301   Thesis Proposal   Satisfactory completion of this course will result in an acceptable prospectus presented to the Graduate Committee.  
ANSC 6302   Thesis Defense    
ANSC 6302   Thesis Defense   The student will enroll in this course each semester or summer term in which assistance is provided by Committee members or when use of the library or other research facilities of Sul Ross State University is made. Satisfactory completion of this course will result in the completed thesis presented to the Graduate Committee, accepted by the ANRS dean, and filed in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs.