ANSC 5328

ANSC 5328 Meat Production (3-0). This course is designed to educate students about the global product that is meat and to expose students to the conversion of muscle to meat with emphasis on physical and biochemical changes. Microbiology and other related characteristics of meat and its implication in commercial meat processing. A course designed to teach the advance physical and chemical components of meat tissues as well as quantitative and qualitative attributes of meat and meat products including processing manufacturing distribution and preservation principles of meat production. Students will understand technological and manipulative skills in the slaughter and cutting of meat animals and the processing of meat products. To further discuss anatomy muscle structure and function chemical composition and physical characteristics of carcasses and cuts as determinants of live animal and meat quality.

Summer 2023

Meat Production   Section 2W1   DeMetris Reed

Summer 2022

Meat Production   Section 2W1   DeMetris Reed
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