EDSR 7312

EDSR 7312 Practicum in Reading (0-3). This course is the capstone course for the Master of Education Reading Specialist Program. It consists of a 160-hour, 15-week field experience designed to allow the reading specialist candidate opportunities to put into practice the knowledge gained throughout the program. All of the Reading Standards and Competencies will be demonstrated by the reading specialist candidate through working with students and colleagues. The candidate will be supervised by university faculty and an onsite reading specialist while administering and interpreting diagnostic assessments, planning and conducting intervention programs, and documenting the reading development of students. Prerequisites: EDUA/EDUC/EDSR 5308 & 6313 & 6314. Equivalent courses: EDUC 7312 (through Summer 2022), EDUA 7312

Fall 2023

Practicum In Reading   Section W02   Cynde Wadley

Spring 2023

Practicum In Reading   Section W01   Gina Stocks

Fall 2022

Practicum In Reading   Section W01   Gina Stocks
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