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MATH 0100   MATH 0300 Review    
MATH 0101   MATH 0301 Review    
MATH 0114   MATH 0314 Review    
MATH 0132   MATH 0332 Review    
MATH 0142   MATH 0342 Review    
MATH 0200   BASE Math Skills    
MATH 0300   Introductory Algebra    
MATH 0301   Intermediate Algebra    
MATH 0314   Intro College Algebra    
MATH 0332   Intro Contemporary Math    
MATH 0342   Intro Statistical Methods    
MATH 1314   College Algebra   In-depth study and applications of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions and systems of equations using matrices. Additional topics such as sequences, series, probability, and conics may be included.  
MATH 1316   Plane Trigonometry   In-depth study and application of trigonometry including definitions, identities, inverse functions, solutions of equations, graphing, and solving triangles. Additional topics such as vectors, polar coordinates and parametric equations may be included. Prerequisite: Math 1314 or consent of instructor.  
MATH 1332   Contemporary Mathematics   This course is an introduction to a selection of college-level math topics. This course typically covers topics selected from the following: problem-solving, counting, the real number system, sets, geometry, solutions of linear and quadratic equations, elementary probability, financial math, the mathematics of voting, and fair division.  
MATH 1342   Elementary Stat Methods   Collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of data, and probability. Analysis includes descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, confidence intervals and hypothesis-testing. Use of appropriate technology is recommended.  
MATH 2310   Foundations Elementary Math I    
MATH 2311   Foundations Elementary Math II    
MATH 2318   Linear Algebra   Introduces and provides models for application of the concepts of vector algebra. Topics include finite-dimensional vector spaces and their geometric significance; representing and solving systems of linear equations using multiple methods, including Gaussian elimination and matrix inversion; matrices; determinants; linear transformations; quadratic forms; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; and applications in science and engineering. Prerequisite: MATH 1316.  
MATH 2413   Calculus I    
MATH 2414   Calculus II    
MATH 3301   Geometry    
MATH 3303   Graph Theory    
MATH 3303   Ind Studies: Geometry    
MATH 3306   Math Models in Ecology    
MATH 3320   Differential Equations    
MATH 3330   Number Theory & Cryptography    
MATH 3340   Foundations Of Higher Math   A transition course to higher mathematics. Students learn how to organize and structure their mathematical thoughts, how to read and manipulate abstract definitions, and how to prove or refute proofs by effectively evaluating them. Topics such as propositional logic, set theory, and techniques of proving will be the basis for discussions on functions, sequences, relations, limits, cardinality, divisibility, the real numbers and complex numbers. Offered fall and spring when needed. Prerequisite: Math 2414  
MATH 3350   History of Mathematics    
MATH 3415   Calculus III    
MATH 4303   Analysis 1    
MATH 4303   Mathematical Statistics    
MATH 4303   McNair Research    
MATH 4303   Modern Algebra    
MATH 4320   Analysis I    
MATH 4330   Modern Algebra I    
MATH 4340   Mathematical Statistics    
MATH 4360   Complex Variables I    
MATH 4390   Senior Project    
MATH 5301   History of Mathematics    
MATH 5301   Number Theory & Crypt    
MATH 5301   Number Theory & Cryptograhpy    
MATH 5302   Geometry for Educators    
MATH B100   BASE Math Review