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MKTA 3307   Principles of Marketing   MKTA 3307 Principles of Marketing (3-0). Studies the place of marketing in our economic structure; the present marketing structures and the formulation by management of marketing policies and procedures aimed at satisfying consumer needs. Equivalent courses: MKT 3370 (through Summer 2021), MKT/MKTG 3307 (through Summer 2022).  
MKTA 3371   Consumer Behavior   MKTA 3371 Consumer Behavior (3-0). Consumer motivation perception learning group influences and consumer decision processes. Equivalent courses: MKT 3371 (through Summer 2022).  
MKTA 3372   Sales Management   MKTA 3372 Sales Management (3-0). An analysis of the management skills needed to plan organize and control a modern sales organization. Equivalent classes MKT 3372 (through 2022).  
MKTA 4371   Retailing Management   MKTA 4371 Retailing Management (3-0). Principles and methods of modern retailing. Designed to aid students seeking a general knowledge of the retail field as well as those specializing in marketing. Equivalent courses: MKT 4371 (through Summer 2022).  
MKTA 5303   International Marketing   MKTA 5303 International Marketing (3-0). An advanced approach to developing marketing programs and strategies in the global environment. Exposure to the pervasiveness of global marketing competition. Equivalent courses: MKT 5303 (through Summer 2022), MKTR 5303  
MKTA 5305   Seminar in Marketing   MKTA 5305 Seminar in Marketing (3-0). An advanced graduate course in marketing management and appropriate marketing program development. Equivalent courses: MKT 5305 (through Summer 2022).