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PSY 1101   Scentific Found of Learning    
PSY 1302   Introduction To Psychology    
PSY 2304   Intro to Social Psychology    
PSY 2307   Intro Statistics for Behav Sci    
PSY 2309   Human Sexuality    
PSY 2310   Developmental Psychology    
PSY 2314   Multicultural Psychology   Culture is examined as an environmental variable that contributes to growth and development, attitudes, sociability, emotional expression, parenting, psychological disorders, careers, individualism and collectivism. Prerequisite: PSY 1302  
PSY 2315   Prof Issues in Psych    
PSY 2315   Professional Issues in Psychol    
PSY 3302   Theories of Personality Psy    
PSY 3304   Abnormal Behavior    
PSY 3308   Experimental Psychology    
PSY 3309   The Psychology of Learning    
PSY 3313   Social Attitudes    
PSY 4306   Biopsychology    
PSY 4309   McNair Pschology Research    
PSY 4309   Readings and Research    
PSY 4310   Authentic Happiness    
PSY 4310   Emotions    
PSY 4310   Environmental Psychology    
PSY 4310   Health Psychology    
PSY 4310   Humanistic Psychology    
PSY 4310   McNair Psych Research    
PSY 4310   Psyc of Religion and Spiritual    
PSY 4310   Psych of Movies & Anime    
PSY 4310   Psych Religion & Spirituality    
PSY 4310   Psych. of the Criminal Mind    
PSY 4310   Psychology of the Crim Mind    
PSY 4310   Psychology of the Movies    
PSY 4310   Sports Psychology    
PSY 4310   Trauma & Resiliency    
PSY 4310   Trauma And Resiliency