Texas State University System 2020 Performance Goals

The Texas State University System (TSUS) Chancellor, Brian McCall, presented a long-term vision and called upon all TSUS institutions to identify baseline data and to establish targets for year 2020 as comprehensive vision of success. SRSU collects and reports data annually. The 2020 TSUS Performance Metrics reports includes a collection of indicators related to access, success, excellence and efficiency. Some of the highlight targets by year 2020 include:

  • Total headcount increase of 9% (2,144 students)
  • Total degrees awarded increase of 21% (464 degrees)
  • 6-year graduation rate increase of 11.5 percentage points
  • 1-year persistence rate increase of 3 percentage points
  • Number of Teachers Produced 196% (80 Teachers)


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 60×30 TX Goals

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) also sets statewide goals through the 60x30TX initiative. The THECB plan includes four major goals:

Goal 1: 60×30: Educated Population

By 2030, at least 60% of Texans ages 25-34 will have a certificate or degree

Goal 2: Completion

By 2030, at least 550,000 students in that year will complete a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s from an institution of higher education in Texas.

Goal 3: Marketable Skills

By 2030, all graduates from Texas public institutions of higher education will have completed programs with identified marketable skills.

Goal 4: Student Debt

By 2030, undergraduate student loan debt will not exceed 60% of first-year wages for graduates of Texas public institutions.