Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of Professional Development am I required to earn? 

Faculty and Staff are required to earn a minimum of twelve (12) hours of professional development each calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Students are not required to obtain professional development hours to obtain their degrees at this time. 

What counts as Professional Development? 

Professional development is a program of activities and events that provides for and contributes to the personal and professional improvement of employees. Development activities at Sul Ross State University include:

  • Programs provided on the University campus, including training on mandated compliance issues related to affirmative action; specifically, EEO, sexual harassment, and other related issues.
  • Opportunities (seminars, short courses, workshops) held off campus by outside vendors.
  • Opportunities on Sul Ross campuses or virtual trainings:
    • Administrative or technical training offered at no cost to University employees
    • University courses
    • Other training offered by University departments
    • Opportunities or conferences provided by other state or federal agencies related to specific issues, topics, or concerns.
    • University courses whether offered by Sul Ross or another accredited institution of higher education. 

Please see APM 5.14 for more detailed information. 

How can I obtain 12 hours of Professional Development at SRSU? 

The Professional Development Calendar is used to promote offerings so that employees have a breadth of options to choose from. This website and calendar will act as the go to spot for all professional development efforts happening across all campuses, as well as free offerings from our university subscriptions. Conferences and outside paid workshops also count! 

How do I report my 12 hours of Professional Development? 

Employees are responsible for keeping up with their development with certificates or other proof of attendance, but we can help manage certificates for you (see the Upload Certification Hours tab above).  

What do I do with my certificates? 

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to keep all copies of their certificates or awards earned for professional development hours earned. Copies may be kept in departmental files or with the Human Resources office, or they can be uploaded to our site

How much time can I dedicate to Professional Development each week? 

Faculty and Staff are allowed the freedom to complete their hours of professional development during the work week. However, while in the office, employees are encouraged to spend no more than ten (10) hours a week devoted to professional development efforts. 

Do my scholarly activities, like publishing or presenting, count as Professional Development? 

Yes! Scholarly activities are an important part of professional development and a crucial part of a thriving university. Scholarly activities are the result of hard work and integration into a national, and often international, academic culture. They show expertise, bring prestige to the university, and help faculty to continue developing as upper level teachers. Many of the Sul Ross State University values and the mission statement all include clear references to research and its advantages. Activities such as reviewing others’ work allows for personal connections to be forged across the world. Publishing in academic sources is a universal mark of excellence as well as showcasing the ability to effectively communicate. These and more are important ways in which scholarly activity is a vital part of all higher education institutions, including Sul Ross State University.  

I’d like to present a session, can you help to plan and promote my event? 

Yes! All professional development across campus should be listed on our calendar. Fill out this form and we can make that happen, and much more! If you need help planning logistics or promoting your event widely, we are here to help.