Updated 8/5/2020

President's Statement and Latest Announcements
  • Alpine:
  • Fall Semester Opens August 24 for face to face and online classes
  • After Thanksgiving Break, all classes and finals will be online
  • RGC Campuses will all be remote learning

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Lisa Quibodeaux

Curriculum Vitæ

Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
MAB 109   C-12
337 496 9722

Fall 2020

CJ 5308 W01   Special Populations in CJ        
 | Student Evaluation
CJ 5342 W01   Women in Policing        
 | Student Evaluation

Spring 2020
No Student Evaluations due to COVID-19

CJ 5321 W01   Domestic Violence        
 | Student Evaluation
CJ 5322 W01   Immigration Issues        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2019

CJ 5315 W01   Seminar in Courts & Judiciary        

Spring 2019

CJ 5325 W01   Graduate Seminar in CJ        
CJ 5343 W01   Crimes Against Children        

Fall 2018

CJ 5315 W01   Seminar in Courts & Judiciary        
CJ 5330 W01   Emerging Issues in HS