ANSC 4305

ANSC 4305 Agricultural Genetics (3-0). Quantitative genetic principles applied to mating and selection of domestic livestock wildlife and range plants. The course integrates Mendelian principles with biomedical and statistical probability techniques for proper application to breeding selection inbreeding line breeding and pedigree information for progressive animal and plant breeding. The influences of gene frequency heritability and genetic relationships on the gene pool of populations is integrated into this course. The course includes application of the Hardy-Weinberg law and statistical correlation and regression as applied to selection of superior genetic lines of plants and animals. Offered fall only.

Spring 2024

Agri Genetics   Section W01   DeMetris Reed
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Spring 2023

Agri Genetics   Section W01   Laura Das Neves Patterson Rosa

Spring 2022

Agri Genetics   Section W01   DeMetris Reed