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CJ 1000   Law Enforcement Academy    
CJ 1301   Intro To Criminal Justice   CJ 1301 (CRIJ 1301) Introduction to Criminal Justice (3-0). History and philosophy of criminal justice and ethical considerations; crime defined; its nature and impact; overview of criminal justice system; police prosecution and defense; trial process; corrections. (Required for CJ)  
CJ 1302   Intro Homeland Security    
CJ 1306   Court Systems & Practices   CJ 1306 Court Systems and Practices (3-0). The student will be introduced to topics related to the functioning of the courts and judiciary system including pre-trial services right to counsel grand juries adjudication processes rules of evidence and post-trial appeals. Prerequisite: CJ 1310  
CJ 1307   Crime in America    
CJ 1310   Fund Crim Law   The student will be introduced to concepts of criminal law including the nature of law, historical development, major definitions, classification and elements of crime and criminal responsibility. Prerequisite: CJ 1301  
CJ 1313   Juvenile Justice System    
CJ 2302   Basic Skills For CJ    
CJ 2313   Correctional Sys and Prac    
CJ 2323   Aspects of Law Enforce.    
CJ 2328   Police Sys. and Practices    
CJ 2351   Hate Crimes    
CJ 2353   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 2360   Intro to Cybercrime    
CJ 2362   Cybercrime Investigation    
CJ 3300   History Of Crim Jus   CJ 3300 History of Criminal Justice (3-0). A survey of criminal justice history; a study relating to the developments in American law, police practice and penology in Western civilization. Major American and European theories of criminal justice are studied. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3300  
CJ 3302   Victimology   CJ 3302 Victimology (3-0). Provides an in-depth study of factors that affect victims of crime. Specific crimes are studied and remedies explored; victim precipitation self-help and prevention of victimization victimization surveys and other data sources; history of victims rights and the victims rights movement and victim services.  
CJ 3303   Crime & Justice in the Movies    
CJ 3305   Substantive Law   CJ 3305 Substantive Law (3-0). A study of the philosophical foundations of American law; a survey of applied criminal law with an emphasis on the most common criminal offenses; an examination of the Texas Penal Code. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3305  
CJ 3306   Community Corrections   CJ 3306 Community Corrections (3-0). This course will focus on community corrections in the criminal justice system as an alternative to institutionalization. Students will examine the treatment and rehabilitation concepts; probation and parole techniques; statutory and case law; case management; agency organization and administration.  
CJ 3307   Organized Crime    
CJ 3308   Law Of Evidence   CJ 3308 Law of Evidence (3-0). An examination of the rules of evidence and the procedures for obtaining it with special emphasis on application in criminal court. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3308  
CJ 3311   Women and Crime    
CJ 3312   Criminal Investigation    
CJ 3316   Domestic Violence    
CJ 3317   White Collar Crime    
CJ 3320   Emergency Management    
CJ 3321   Human Trafficking    
CJ 3340   Criminal Justice Ethics    
CJ 3341   Research Methods for CJ    
CJ 3362   Adv Cyber Investigations    
CJ 3363   Police Academy I   CJ 3363 Police Academy I (3-0). First of 4-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in 336433653366  
CJ 3364   Police Academy II   CJ 3364 Police Academy II (3-0). Second of 4-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in 3363, 3365, 3366  
CJ 3365   Police Academy III   CJ 3365 Police Academy III (3-0). Third of 4-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in 3363 3364 3366  
CJ 3366   Police Academy IV   CJ 3366 Police Academy IV (3-0). Fourth of 4-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in 3363 3364 3365  
CJ 3367   Wildlife Law Enforcment   CJ 3367 Wildlife Law Enforcement (3-0). Application of investigative and evidentiary procedures to wildlife law enforcement; legal basis for wildlife laws; federal and state wildlife laws; role of wildlife law enforcement in wildlife management. Equivalent courses: CJ 3304 (through Summer 2022), CRIM 3367  
CJ 3368   Police Academy V   CJ 3368 Police Academy V (3-0). Fifth of 5-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in CJ 3363, 3364, 3365, and 3366.  
CJ 3369   Digital Forensics   CJ 3369 Digital Forensics (3-0). The digital forensic course is designed to give students the tools and techniques for investigating crime involving digital evidence. It is designed as an introductory course in computer forensics. Students will learn different techniques and procedures that enable them to perform a digital investigation. This course focuses mainly on the analysis of physical storage media and volume analysis. It covers the major phases of digital investigation such as preservation, analysis, and acquisition of artifacts that reside in hard disks and random access memory.  
CJ 3370   Law And Society   CJ 3370 Law & Society (3-0). An analysis of the American criminal justice system; an overview of the history, philosophy, and contemporary functions of the separate institutions which contribute to the process; the police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice systems will be examined for their contributions, assumptions, and interrelations. Equivalent courses CRIM 3370; CRIM 3304 (through summer 2023).  
CJ 3371   Women and Crime   CJ 3371 Women and Crime (3-0). This course is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of the issues surrounding women and their interaction with the criminal justice system. Topics covered will include women as victims of crime, as perpetrators of crime, and as workers within the system. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3311, CJ 3311 (through Summer 2023).  
CJ 4300   American Corrections   CJ 4300 American Corrections (3-0). An overview of state and federal correctional systems; methods of treatment of offenders and humanistic approach to corrections, institutional and community sanctions, and correctional administration is studied. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4300  
CJ 4302   Constitutional Law   CJ 4302 Constitutional Law (3-0). An analysis of the role of the U.S. Supreme Court and the appellant courts in protecting individual rights and civil liberties with a focus on litigation involving provisions of the Bill of Rights. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4302  
CJ 4302   Crime Analysis   CJ 4302 Constitutional Law (3-0). An analysis of the role of the U.S. Supreme Court and the appellant courts in protecting individual rights and civil liberties with a focus on litigation involving provisions of the Bill of Rights. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4302  
CJ 4303   Death Penalty    
CJ 4304   Criminology    
CJ 4307   Internship in Criminal Justice    
CJ 4309   Seminar in CJ   CJ 4309 Seminar in Criminal Justice (3-0). A seminar course addressing various aspects of the criminal justice system; topics are subject to change with each semester.  
CJ 4312   Punishment    
CJ 4313   Juvenile Delinquency and Law   CJ 4313 Juvenile Delinquency and Law (3-0). This course will focus on the nature and extent of juvenile deviant behavior; deviancy theories; juvenile statutory and case law; judicial processes; policies and police practices related to juvenile justice.  
CJ 4314   American Courts   CJ 4314 American Courts (3-0). A survey of the Dynamics of the state and federal judicial system; the interrelated relationship of the judge, jury, prosecutor, and defense; judicial theory, and an in-depth study of the criminal case within the court. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4314  
CJ 4315   Serial Killers    
CJ 4318   Advanced Homeland Security    
CJ 4319   School Violence    
CJ 4323   Transnational Crime    
CJ 4324   Immigration Law & Policy   CJ 4324 Immigration Law and Policy (3-0). This course will focus on the history and development of immigration patterns and policies in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on policy issues as related to the work of Criminal Justice practitioners particularly in the post-9/11 world. Students will also be expected to analyze policy impact on various groups of immigrants.  
CJ 4330   Law Enforcement Admin    
CJ 4331   Legal Issues in CJ    
CJ 4332   Const Issues in Corr   CJ 4332 Constitutional Issues in Corrections (3-0). In the course students will explore the origins of correctional systems and how these systems and correctional philosophies have evolved over time. Students will also study the First Fourth Fifth Sixth Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights and the theories behind those rights as they relate to convicted prisoners and pretrial detainees. The impact of court decisions on prisons and jails. Liability and immunity of correctional personnel.  
CJ 4335   Drug Ident & Enforcement   CJ 4335 Drug Identification and Enforcement (3-0). Lectures demonstrations and discussions that address all aspects of drug law identification and analysis with an emphasis on those related to law enforcement. Illicit drugs are examined for their societal impact.  
CJ 4336   Prison Gangs    
CJ 4337   Forensic Science   CJ 4337 Forensic Science (3-0). The science of fingerprints and DNA is examined; a study of criminalistics and the techniques employed in the recovery classification and identification of crime scene evidence; the analysis and interpretation of physical evidence.  
CJ 4363   Intro Criminal Profiling    
CJ 4365   Cyber Warfare   CJ 4365 Cyber Warfare (3-0). This course is an overview of cyber warfare including discussions on its strategy and impacts. Students will evaluate the use of cyber warfare by the military, terrorist, and criminal organizations. Students will examine computer network benefits and vulnerabilities, potential weaponry, and risk mitigation. Prerequisite: CJ 1301 or CJ 1302 and CJ 2360. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4365  
CJ 4367   Cyber Policy & Law    
CJ 4368   Multiculturalism in CJ   CJ 4368 Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System (3-0). Understanding, communicating and working with persons from different cultures; basic human relations skills needed by those working in the criminal justice system; women in the criminal justice system; equal protection of the law and anti-discrimination, civil rights, sexual harassment and related laws; criminal justice ethics. (Required)  
CJ 4369   Crime Mapping   CJ 4369 Seminar in Special Problems in Criminal Justice (3-0). Exploration and analysis of contemporary problems related to police, courts or corrections. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Equivalent courses: CJ 4302 (through Summer 2022), CRIM 4369  
CJ 4375   Sexual Predators   CJ 4375 Sexual Predators (3-0). This course examines the roots, structures, habits and sociological implications of sexual predators. The most obvious example of sexual predators is the violent sexual serial killer. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4311, CJ 4311 (through Summer 2023).  
CJ 4376   Punishment   CJ 4376 Punishment (3-0). In this course, we will review the public policy concerning the death penalty and punishment. We will further look into issues that may or may not affect the use of the death penalty within the various states. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4312 or CJ 4312 (through Summer 2023), CRIM 4376.  
CJ 5305   White Collar Crime    
CJ 5306   Drug Abuse    
CJ 5309   Forensic Psychology   CJ 5309 Forensic Psychology (3-0). This course provides an overview of criminal and civil forensic psychology. Topics include, but are not limited to: police and investigative psychology, legal psychology, criminal psychology, victimology and victim services, and correctional psychology.  
CJ 5310   Capital Punishment    
CJ 5311   Adv Law Enforcement Admin    
CJ 5314   Seminar in Corrections    
CJ 5315   Seminar in Courts & Judiciary    
CJ 5316   Women And Crime    
CJ 5317   Juvenile Delinquency    
CJ 5318   Seminar in CJ Theory    
CJ 5321   Domestic Violence    
CJ 5322   Immigration Issues    
CJ 5323   Homeland Security    
CJ 5325   Graduate Seminar in CJ    
CJ 5326   Victimology    
CJ 5327   Grad Seminar in HS    
CJ 5328   Transnational Crimes    
CJ 5329   Emergency Mgmt/Disasters    
CJ 5330   Emerging Issues in HS    
CJ 5331   Border Security    
CJ 5331   Forensic Psychology    
CJ 5334   Methods of Social Research    
CJ 5335   Human Trafficking    
CJ 5336   Domestic Terrorism    
CJ 5337   International Terrorism    
CJ 5338   Cybersecurity    
CJ 5339   Ethical Issues in CJ Sys    
CJ 5340   Policy Making in CJ    
CJ 5341   Criminal Sexual Behaviors    
CJ 5342   Women in Policing    
CJ 5343   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 5350   Independent Study   The student will pursue an independent research or experiential learning project chosen by the student in consultation and approval of the instructor. Prerequisite: Approval of the instructor  
CJ 5360   Seminar in Cyber Crime    
CJ 5361   Sem in Criminal Profiling    
CJ 5362   Criminology of Cybercrime    
CJ 5363   Cybercrime Law & Policy    
CJ 5365   Sem in Cybercrime Invest