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CJ 1000   Law Enforcement Academy    
CJ 1301   Intro To Criminal Justice    
CJ 1302   Intro Homeland Security    
CJ 1306   Court Systems & Practices   The student will be introduced to topics related to the functioning of the courts and judiciary system including pre-trial services, right to counsel, grand juries, adjudication processes, rules of evidence, and post-trial appeals. Prerequisite: CJ 1310  
CJ 1307   Crime in America    
CJ 1310   Fund Crim Law   The student will be introduced to concepts of criminal law including the nature of law, historical development, major definitions, classification and elements of crime and criminal responsibility. Prerequisite: CJ 1301  
CJ 1320   Police Academy I    
CJ 1321   Police Academy II    
CJ 1322   Police Academy III    
CJ 1323   Police Academy IV    
CJ 2302   Basic Skills For CJ    
CJ 2313   Correctional Sys and Prac    
CJ 2321   Paraphilia Necrophilia    
CJ 2321   Probation & Parole    
CJ 2321   Sex Crimes    
CJ 2323   Aspects of Law Enforce.    
CJ 2328   Police Sys. and Practices    
CJ 2350   Current Issues in CJ    
CJ 2351   Hate Crimes    
CJ 2352   Community Corrections    
CJ 2353   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 2360   Intro to Cybercrime    
CJ 2362   Cybercrime Investigation    
CJ 3303   Crime & Justice in the Movies    
CJ 3304   Wildlife Law Enforcement    
CJ 3307   Organized Crime    
CJ 3311   Women and Crime    
CJ 3316   Domestic Violence    
CJ 3317   White Collar Crime    
CJ 3320   Emergency Management    
CJ 3321   Human Trafficking    
CJ 3322   Cybercrime 21st Century    
CJ 3340   Criminal Justice Ethics    
CJ 3341   Research Methods for CJ    
CJ 3362   Adv Cyber Investigations    
CJ 4301   Multicultural Studies in CJ    
CJ 4302   Conspiracy Investigations    
CJ 4302   Crime Mapping    
CJ 4302   Necrophilia    
CJ 4302   Police Management    
CJ 4302   Sem in Special Problems in CJ    
CJ 4303   Death Penalty    
CJ 4304   Criminology    
CJ 4306   Gangs    
CJ 4307   Internship in Criminal Justice    
CJ 4308   Terrorism    
CJ 4309   Senior Seminar    
CJ 4310   Deviant Subcultures    
CJ 4311   Sexual Predators    
CJ 4313   Juvenile Delinquency    
CJ 4315   Serial Killers    
CJ 4318   Advanced Homeland Security    
CJ 4319   School Violence    
CJ 4322   Topics in Homeland Security    
CJ 4324   Immigration Issues    
CJ 4330   Law Enforcement Admin    
CJ 4331   Legal Issues in CJ    
CJ 4332   Critical Iss Corrections    
CJ 4334   Police Corruption    
CJ 4335   War on Drugs    
CJ 4350   McNair: Criminal Justice Res   The student will pursue an independent research or experiential learning project chosen by the student in consultation and approval of the instructor. Prerequisite: Approval of the instructor  
CJ 4363   Intro Criminal Profiling    
CJ 4365   Cyber Warfare    
CJ 4367   Cyber Policy & Law    
CJ 5301   Over & Admn of CJ System    
CJ 5305   White Collar Crime    
CJ 5306   Drug Abuse    
CJ 5308   Special Populations in CJ    
CJ 5310   Capital Punishment    
CJ 5311   Adv Law Enforcement Admin    
CJ 5313   Sem in Policing    
CJ 5314   Seminar in Corrections    
CJ 5315   Seminar in Courts & Judiciary    
CJ 5316   Women And Crime    
CJ 5317   Juvenile Delinquency    
CJ 5318   Seminar in CJ Theory    
CJ 5321   Domestic Violence    
CJ 5322   Immigration Issues    
CJ 5323   Homeland Security    
CJ 5324   Social Deviance    
CJ 5325   Graduate Seminar in CJ    
CJ 5326   Victimology    
CJ 5327   Grad Seminar in HS    
CJ 5328   Seminar Transnational Crimes    
CJ 5329   Emergency Mgmt/Disasters    
CJ 5330   Emerging Issues in HS    
CJ 5331   Forensic Psychology    
CJ 5334   Methods of Social Research    
CJ 5335   Human Trafficking    
CJ 5336   Domestic Terrorism    
CJ 5337   International Terrorism    
CJ 5338   Cybersecurity    
CJ 5339   Ethical Issues in CJ Sys    
CJ 5340   Policy Making in CJ    
CJ 5342   Women in Policing    
CJ 5343   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 5360   Seminar in Cyber Crime    
CJ 5362   Criminology of Cybercrime    
CJ 5363   Cybercrime Law & Policy    
CJ 5364   Seminar in Cyber Warfare    
CJ 5365   Sem in Cybercrime Invest