NUR 4542

NUR 4542 Competencies for Patient Centered Care II (5-0). This course focuses on integrated concepts for the development of the professional nurse/s role in complex nursing situations across the life span. Emphasis is on knowledge and competency development while incorporating clinical judgment professional values and evidence-based practice within the nursing process. Learning experiences will occur in all clinical nursing areas throughout the semester with guidance from faculty members and preceptors. Clinical learning opportunities will incorporate previously learned and current concepts. Clinical scheduling will provide opportunities for continuation of Geriatric obstetrical and Peri-operative Modules. Effective communication with members of the health-0care team increases the potential for positive outcomes in patients across the life span.

Fall 2023

Competencies Care II   Section L01   Minerva Gonzales

Fall 2022

Competencies Care II   Section 001   Rebecca Lewis
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