Minerva Gonzales

Director Bach Sci Nursing

Curriculum Vitæ

805 E. Lockhart   C-58

My name is Dr. Minerva Gonzales, and I am an associate professor of nursing. I have over 25 years of nursing experience and have worked in multiple areas of nursing. I have served on several research teams, many of which have been focused on rural nursing. I am board certified as a nurse educator, in nursing professional development, and as a nurse executive.

Spring 2024

NUR 3441 001   Competencies Care I        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 3441 L01   Competencies Care I Lab        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4415 001   Concepts Lifespan III        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4415 L01   Concepts Lifespan III Lab        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2023

NUR 3304 L01   Intro Ru/Bo Communities Lab        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4414 001   Concepts Life Span II        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4542 L01   Competencies Care II