QEP Professional Development

In order for students to learn how to communicate effectively, it is imperative that SRSU faculty have numerous opportunities to participate in developmental workshops that will provide faculty with the required tools and methods to help them engage more effectively with students regarding, written, oral, visual, or other forms of communication.

Compass will provide professional development opportunities about teaching visual, oral, and written communication best practices for each of the QEP’s five years. These workshops can be in-person, online, or other formats.

In Person Workshops

In-person workshops will be offered at least once per semester and at both Alpine and RGC campuses, and each will be filmed and archived on our QEP website so that all have a chance to view. The workshops will be a combination of SRSU faculty developed and led and guest trainer-led.

Online Workshops

Online workshops will be available through this website. These workshops are from subscription-based publications and relate to teaching communication skills. 


The QEP will send up to five faculty members to a communication-related conference each year. Faculty who would like to attend a conference must apply for funding to the QEP Executive Committee.

Reading/Learning Groups

Faculty Guides will lead Reading and Learning Groups to encourage other campus members to learn more about communication methods. All resources used for Reading and Learning Groups will be archived on the QEP website

QEP Library

Books, journal articles, instructional videos, tutorials, and other materials relevant to our multifaceted QEP continue to be amassed by the QEP Committee, university faculty, staff, and administration. Access our library catalog and simply search “QEP.”