Academic and Administrative Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The Academic and Administrative Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Office of Institutional Effectiveness on policies, procedures, and practices to promote continuous improvement at all campuses. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, annual review of assessment reports; implementation of Innovation Grants; assistance with accreditation; support; and overall promotion of a university-wide culture for assessment.

Primary Responsibility Area:  University-wide


April Aultman Becker, Chair Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness ex-officio
Director of Institutional Effectiveness ex-officio
Corina Ramirez Director of Accounting & Finance ex-officio
Dr. Michael Ortiz Senate President
Delia Ramirez RGC Business Director ex-officio
Dr. Barbra Tucker, College of Education & Professional Studies Academic Dean Appointee
Dr. Sally Roche, Rio Grande College – Humanities Faculty Liason for Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Ronda Hayes, College of Education & Professional Studies Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2024
Dr. Thomas Matula, Rio Grande College – Business Administration Faculty Senate Appointee
Dr. Dan Foley, Rio Grande College – Natural & Behavioral Sciences Faculty Senate Appointee
Dr. Shanna Moody Faculty at Large through 9/30/23
Laura Nelson RGC Staff Council Appointee
Jeanne Pinkerton Alpine Staff Council Appointee
Dr. Eric Busby FA through 9/30/2025