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COMM 1310   Fundamentals of Communication    
COMM 1311   Intro to Speech Communication   Theory and practice of speech communication behavior in interpersonal, small group, and public communication situations.  
COMM 1318   Interpersonal Communication    
COMM 1320   Business and Prof Comm   This course focuses on multiple modes of communication in business, government, industrial, and not-for-profit or service organizations ranging from routine messages, memos, and email to letters and professional presentations. Course highlights persuasion as a key component of all business and professional messages. It will include an analysis of the organizational structures of the workplace as well as job-oriented interviewing from the standpoint of the employer and employees. Meets oral communication requirement.  
COMM 1325   Intro to Film Studies    
COMM 1335   Intro to Comm Studies    
COMM 2306   Basic Video Production    
COMM 2307   Basic Radio    
COMM 2309   Communication & Sport    
COMM 2333   Discuss Small Group Comm   Emphasis on effective group interaction in task-oriented situations. Course will focus on elements of small group structures and communication styles which influence the problem-solving process. Includes small group participation and analysis of group communication.  
COMM 2335   Visual Communication    
COMM 3302   Broadcast News Gathering    
COMM 3304   Critical Reasoning    
COMM 3305   Mass Communication & Culture    
COMM 3307   Studies in Film    
COMM 3307   Studies in Film: Science Fict    
COMM 3308   Documentary Post Production    
COMM 3308   Video Workshop    
COMM 3309   Family Communication    
COMM 3313   Advanced Video Production    
COMM 3315   Organizational Communication   This course provides an examination and exploration of applications of communication theories within the framework of an organization. Attention will be given to strategies for diagnosing communication problems and affecting change in communication behaviors through an analysis of organizational communication theories and methods and a study of organizational culture and communication patterns.  
COMM 4301   Persuasion    
COMM 4302   Comm Theory & Research    
COMM 4303   Special Topics: Internship    
COMM 4303   Studies in Speech - McNair    
COMM 4304   Documentary Internship   A course dealing with topics in speech communications. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.  
COMM 4304   Internet & Society   A course dealing with topics in speech communications. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.  
COMM 4305   Relational Communication    
COMM 4307   Intercultural Communication    
COMM 4310   Senior Capstone    
COMM 4315   PR Campaigns    
COMM 5304   Intercultural Communication    
COMM 5304   Mass Comm & Culture    
COMM 5304   Persuasion    
COMM 5304   Relational Communication    
COMM 5304   Science Fiction    
COMM 5304   Speech Comm Wrkshp Brdcst News    
COMM 5305   Indiv Studies in Speech Comm   Individually guided research in speech communication. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.  
COMM 5307   Public Relations    
COMM 5310   Internet & Society    
COMM 5312   Oral Comm Course Development