Core Curriculum Instructor’s Assessment Collection Tool

NEW! Use the Core Curriculum Instructor’s Assessment Collection Tool to describe the assignment and to record student achievement.

Core Curriculum Instructors Meeting Video

Meeting recording more information on being a Core Instructor.

The Texas Core Curriculum provides students with a rich foundation in the areas of communication; language, philosophy, and culture; American history; mathematics; life & physical science; social & behavioral science; creative arts; and political science.

Embedded in all the courses are the six core objectives that equip students with the knowledge and skills to adapt to multiple situations and careers throughout their lives. With the general education lenses that reflect broad ranges of perspectives, students are better able to contribute to our rapidly changing global world. 

In 2011, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) adopted the Core Course statewide initiative, which states that each fall and spring Core Courses must integrate one to two assigned core objectives into their courses each year. Refer to the Core Course Instructor Handbook above to learn more about what skills will be assessed this year, and more. 

You can find more information about the Texas Core Curriculum requirements here: