Parking Permits are mandatory to park on campus and can be obtained in BAB 100. For more information go to Vehicle Regulations & Registration

U.P.D. Mission Statement

The basic goal of the University Police Department is to protect life, property, and to ensure the well being of our academic community by preserving the peace. Officers are cognizant of their role to the community they serve, and strive to make every effort to involve the campus community in crime suppression and prevention. The department as a whole is dedicated to quality service in it’s endeavor to provide students, faculty/staff and visitors a safe campus environment.

Communications, Hours, and Emergencies

Officers and emergency personnel can be reached 24 hours a day by dialing (432) 837-8100. You may also dial 911 for emergencies.

Students answer the campus switchboard at (432) 837-8011, which can be reached Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and can provide assistance with on campus extension information.

The departments support staff are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to assist students, faculty/staff and visitors with parking permits, fines, key services and lost and found items.

About U.P.D.

The University Police Department, located in BAB 100, maintains the safety and security of the entire campus and university community around the clock, seven days a week.The department employs seven officers which include the director, lieutenant and five patrol officers. The U.P.D. maintains a good working relationship with the areas local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services. Officers with the department are commissioned peace officers and, as such, are vested with all powers, privileges and immunities of peace officers within the county, including all streets and roads, in which the university owns, rents, leases or otherwise controls property. These powers are in accordance with V.T.C.A. Education Code, Section 51.203 as amended by H.B. 391, effective Sept. 1, 1987. Officers conduct traditional police services, as well as security, traffic and parking supervision, weapons control, criminal investigations and crime prevention.

Rickey George
Rickey GeorgeDirector & Chief
Office #: (432) 837-8103 | Fax #: (432) 837-8014
Room: BAB 100 | Box C-19, Alpine, TX 79832
Desiree Pena Baeza
Desiree Pena BaezaCommunications Coordinator/Office Manager
Office #: (432) 837-8251 | Fax #: (432) 837-8014
Room: BAB 100 | Box C-19, Alpine, TX 79832
VACANTPolice Officer
Office #: (432) 837-8700 | Fax #: (432) 837-8014
Room: BAB 100 | Box C-19, Alpine, TX 79832