Key Access

Campus facilities are generally open from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Hours are extended for areas conducting night classes or other campus activities. Students who work for Sul Ross State University may be issued keys to certain facilities, provided that a completed Key Request Form is provided to the University Police Department by the respective department head/chair. The same holds true for faculty and staff. All keys issued to Sul Ross students and employees must be turned in to the University Police Department upon termination of employment or withdrawal from the university, or an explanation must be received from the respective academic department head/chair. A hold will be placed on student transcripts and /or registration for failure to return keys. At no time are keys to be turned in to anyone other than U.P.D.

Requesting Keys

Students and employees who need keys may download a copy of the Key Request Policy and Form in PDF format. The form must be filled out and signed, then turned in to the U.P.D. Requests for master or sub-master keys to facilities require additional approval from a Sul Ross executive committee member. Requests may take up to three business days to be filled.


The LoboCard is the official ID of Sul Ross State University. The LoboCard signifies your status as an active member of the Sul Ross State University community, serving as your official identification card and much more. You are expected to have your LoboCard with you at all times while on campus.

NOTE: The LoboCard printing station is now available at the One Stop Shop in Lawrence Hall. Hours are listed below.

Replacing Lost or Damaged ID Cards

To replace a lost or damaged ID card, a replacement fee payment of $20 is required and may be paid in the Cashiers Office in Lawrence Hall.

You may request your LoboCard at one of the following locations. A valid government or state issued photo ID is required in order to request and pick up your LoboCard.

Contact Us

Lawerence Hall, Room 101 C106 Building K, Room 403 Outside of B120 in Lobby #2
432-837-8482 830-279-3003 830-703-4816 830-758-5037

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Residential Hall Entry

A form of security provided for students living in the residence halls is restricted access. Entrance doors are equipped with access readers that read ID cards programmed for access to specific areas. Only approved university faculty, staff or students will be provided access to secured areas. Authorized individuals can be provided access for specific doors by wing, by building, certain time frames and a preset expiration date.

ID card access for students residing in the residence halls will expire at the end of each semester. At the beginning of the semester, ID cards will be programmed when a resident contacts Residential Living to renew or receive their room assignment and activated when they check-in for the new term.

At no time is it permissible to prop open the doors, use another individual’s card for access, lend an ID card to someone to provide them access or tamper or damage the security equipment (Cameras, access readers, etc.).

Violations by students will be subject to administrative disciplinary action and/or criminal charges, up to and including restitution for damages.

Fire Safety

Sul Ross State University works with the State Fire Marshal’s Office to improve fire safety. The State Fire Marshal’s Office will be notified of all fire incidents, and all fire related injury, death and property damage will be reported as well. More information about the Texas State Fire Marshal and University Fire Safety can be found at the following link:

Crime Reporting, Prevention, and Statistics


All crimes, or traffic accidents that take place on campus should be reported immediately to the University Police Department. Crimes can be reported to U.D.P.S. 24 hours a day by dialing (432) 837-8100. Sometimes students do not report crimes because they do not want to get someone in trouble (especially if they know the offender). They think it will not happen again or that it is too much trouble. It is important to remember that every student has the right to a safe campus environment. In cases such as personal assault or sexual assault, reporting the crime can provide the victim with personal assistance, and the needed evidence if they choose to file a formal criminal complaint. The University Police Department can also direct persons to appropriate agencies for incidents occurring off campus, University counseling services, and other services that are available. Remember, a victim of a crime or someone who reports that a crime is being or has been committed, does not cause an offender to get in trouble; the act of committing a crime does.

Crime Statistics

Sul Ross State University follows the federal guidelines as outlined in Title II Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, Section 204, Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics. The University Police Department compiles and reports crimes on a regular basis. The figures in the PDF documents below are crime statistics that were reported to have occurred or did occur on the university campus. Statistics are for academic period from September 1-August 31. The Golden Rules of Campus Safety

Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual Offense

Sul Ross State University places an emphasis on insuring the safety and welfare of all in our campus community. Sexual assault is a violation of person, law and policy, and will not be tolerated at Sul Ross State University. Employees, students or contractors of the university will be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action for any violation of this policy. Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to immediately contact:

University Police Department (432) 837-8100;

Counseling & Accessibility Services (432) 837-8203;

Student Health Services (432) 837-8102;

Student Life (432) 837-8037; or

Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend (432) 837-7254.

Texas law defines sexual assault as penetration with any object by a man or woman against a man or woman without consent. Consent implies the specific communication of yes. Silence does not indicate consent. Consent is not based on what the subject is wearing, not based on reputation, but must be freely given. There are three categories of people who cannot give consent: children (Texas Penal Code defines child as a person under 17 years of age who, for purposes of the sexual assault statute is not the spouse of the actor); persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (impaired, intoxicated, incapacitated); and persons who are mentally incapacitated. If consent is obtained by force, this invalidates the consent. Force includes threats, intimidation, emotional pressure and coercion. It is recommended that victims report the offense immediately to a law enforcement authority in order to facilitate the collection of important evidence and to preserve their option for pursuing legal action at a later time. However, victims of sexual offense are not required by law to report the offense or to pursue legal action. If the victim wishes to maintain anonymity during the process, a pseudonym can be requested from the law enforcement agency.

Reporting a Sexual Offense

Report the crime immediately. Do not shower, douche or change clothing. If the victim has already changed clothes, put them in a paper bag, as plastic bags may change the chemical composition of the evidence. The victim should go to the hospital for a physical examination. The victim should seek emotional help. Sul Ross State University provides counseling services free of charge to enrolled students and employees through the office of the Advising & Counseling Center. Students can be subject to disciplinary action by the university and criminal proceedings by federal, state or local law enforcement agencies for the same offense. The university shall keep reports of sexual assault/rape and terms of their resolution confidential, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

CSA Training

In addition to online training U.P.D. Officers are available to provide CSA training for departments and/or individuals. Training can be requested at the U.P.D. office: Briscoe Administration Building 100 or by contacting the U.P.D. Director or the U.P.D. Coordinator.

Reporting Form


Online Training (Login to Blackboard)

Risk Management

Risk Managements role is to identify and implement the goals to help support and strengthen Sul Ross State University’s environment by proactively encouraging University leadership, faculty, and staff to incorporate risk management objectives, goals, and processes into day-to-day decision making.For more information on Sul Ross State University’s Risk Management Department click here.

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