1/25/2022Fire1108 Ave B, Alpine TX1/25/202212:21 PMClosed by other means
1/28/2022Criminal Mischief440 Hancock Mall, Alpine TX1/28/20229:08 AMInactive
2/22/2022Minor in Possession of AlcoholLobo Village 1, Rm 349, Alpine TX2/22/202210:17 PMClosed by other means
3/3/2022Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia 1400 E Ave B, Alpine TX3/3/202211:20 AMClosed by Exception
3/4/2022Burglary of Vehicles1090 Ave F, Alpine TX3/3/20227:35 AMInactive
3/4/2022Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia 1300 E Ave B, Alpine TX3/4/202211:35 AMClosed by Exception
3/17/2022Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine TX3/17/20223:15 AMClosed by other means
3/24/2022Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine TX3/24/20227:47 PMInactive
3/28/2022Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine TX3/28/20227:30 AMInactive
4/4/2022Fire Alarm340 Lobo Dr, Alpine TX4/4/20226:45 AMClosed by other means
4/12/2022Criminal Mischief380 Lobo Dr, Alpine TX4/12/20229:21 AMInactive
4/14/2022Criminal Trespass NotificationJackson Field, Murphy St, Alpine TX4/14/202212:05 PMClosed by other means
4/14/2022Fire Alarm400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine TX4/14/20229: 45 AMInactive
May-No Incidents reported
6/13/2022Assault Peace Officer/Judge2600 Hwy 118, Alpine TX6/13/20225:15 PMClosed by Arrest
7/19/2022Fire Alarm204 Cockrell, Alpine TX7/19/20224:53 PMInactive
7/22/2022Verbal DisputeLobo Village 1, Rm 207, Alpine TX7/22/20228:54 PMClosed by other means
8/17/2022Fire Alarm1450 Ave B, Alpine TX8/16/202212:00 AMInactive
8/19/2022Fire Alarm480 Bar SR Bar, Alpine TX8/19/202212:00 AMInactive
8/23/2022Harrassment1200 Sul Ross Ave, Alpine TX8/23/20223:30 PMInactive
8/24/2022Criminal Trespass Notification601 Mountainside Dr, Mountainside Hall, Alpine TX8/24/202210:00 AMClosed by other means
8/26/2022Minor in Possession of Alcohol/ Consumption of AlcoholLobo Village 1, Rm 102, Alpine TX8/26/20221:51 AMInactive
8/27/2022Verbal DisputeLobo Village 2, Rm 243, Alpine TX8/27/20224:00 PMClosed by other means
8/27/2022Minor in Possession of AlcoholLobo Village 1, Rm 142, Alpine TX8/27/20221:21 AMInactive
9/1/2022Theft1108 E. Ave B, Alpine TX (bookstore)9/1/20221:00 PMClosed by other means
9/1/2022Suspicous IndividualsLobo Village 1, Alpine TX9/1/20223:00 PMClosed by other means
9/9/2022Theft of Service1108 E. Ave B, Alpine TX (Aramark)9/9/202212:00 PMActive
9/11/2022Fire Alarm380 Lobo Drive, Alpine TX9/11/20224:45 PMClosed by other means
9/14/2022Burglary of Habitation Intend Sex Offense1420 E. Ave B, 1450 E. Ave B, Alpine TX9/14/20224:20 AMClosed by Other Means
9/15/2022Burglary204 S. Cockrell, Alpine TX (Jackson Field)9/15/20229:00 AMInactive
9/15/2022Verbal DisputeLobo Village 1, Alpine TX9/15/20221:30 PMInactive
9/16/2022Verbal DisputeLobo Village 1, Rm 133, Alpine TX9/15/20226:25 PMInactive
9/21/2022Criminal Mischief340 Lobo Drive, Alpine TX9/21/20222:54 PMClosed by other means
9/26/2022Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia 400 N Bar SR Bar St, Alpine TX9/26/202211:50 PMInactive
9/27/2022AssaultLobo Village 1, Rm 150, Alpine TX9/24/20225:00 AMInactive
9/28/2022TheftLobo Village 1, Alpine TX9/28/20221:38 AMInactive
9/30/2022Theft400 N Bar SR Bar,
Lobo 1
Alpine Tx
9/28/20221:38 PMInactive
10/25/20221420 E Ave B
Alpine Tx
10/25/202210:29 PMClosed by Other Means
10/28/2022Harrassment 380 Lobo Drive
Alpine Tx
10/27/202211:39 PM Inactive
11/7/2022Harrassment 400 Bar SR Bar
Alpine Tx
11/7/20226:47 PMInactive
December-No Incidents reported