1/2/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx1/2/20233:00 PMActive
1/6/2023Fire340 Lobo Drive, Alpine Tx1/6/20239:45 AMUnfounded
1/11/2023Sexual Assault400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx1/11/202310:25 AMActive
1/19/2023Fire Alarm204 Cockrell, Alpine TX1/19/202312:37 PMClosed by other means
1/20/2023Fire Alarm480 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx1/20/20232:00 PMClosed by other means
1/21/2023Fire Alarm400 Bar SR Bar1/21/202312:25 PMClosed by other means
1/22/2023Public Intoxication400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx1/22/20231:36 AMClosed by other means
1/23/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx1/23/20233:50 PMInactive
1/25/2023Criminal Mischief1315 Ave B, Alpine Tx1/25/20233:50 PMInactive
2/19/2023Assault CBI400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx2/17/20234:30 AMActive
2/24/2023Theft (General)1101 Sul Ross Ave, Alpine Tx1/19/20238:33 AMActive
2/24/2023Burglary400 Hendryx Ave, Alpine Tx2/6/20234:40 PMActive
2/27/2023Duty upon striking unattended vehicle1108 Ave B, Alpine Tx2/27/202312:34 PMClosed by other means
2/27/2023Assault CBI400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx2/25/20238:00 PMActive
2/27/2023Sexual Assault400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx2/25/20238:00 PMActive
3/7/2023Burglary of Vehicles1440 Ave B, Alpine Tx3/7/20238:30 PMInactive
3/23/2023Terroristic Threat3/23/202312:53 PMUnfounded
4/3/2023Reckless Damage or Destruction204 Cockrell, Alpine TX4/3/20234:46 PMInactive
4/12/2023Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle400 Bar SR Bar, Alpine Tx4/12/20239:40 PMInactive
4/17/2023Fire Alarm1200 Ave B, Alpine Tx4/16/202312:13 AMClosed by other means
4/24/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx4/24/20237:23 PMInactive
5/8/2023Fire Alarm1101 Sul Ross Ave, Alpine Tx5/8/202312:42 AMInactive
5/11/2023Fire Drill1200 Ave B, Alpine Tx5/10/20237:30 PMUnfounded
5/13/2023Burglary380 Lobo Drive, Alpine Tx5/13/202312:45 PMActive
6/5/2023Fire Alarm1200 Ave B, Alpine Tx6/5/20235:12 PMInactive
6/27/2023Fire Drill340 Centennial Dr, Alpine Tx6/27/20233:30 PMInactive
7/9/2023Blackmail400 Bar SR Bar St, Alpine Tx7/9/20231:05 AMClosed by other means
8/1/2023IndecentExposure/CriminalTrespass/TerroristicThreat400 Bar SR Bar St, Alpine Tx8/1/20233:00 PMClosed by Arrest
8/8/2023Burglary400 Bar SR Bar St, Alpine Tx8/8/20237:00 AMActive
9/28/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx9/28/20233:00 PMInactive/Not Applicable
10/09/2023Burglary of a Habitat600 E. University Dr10/09/20239:47 AM Inactive/ Not Applicable
10/09/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx10/09/20233:00 PMInactive/ Not Applicable
10/11/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx10/11/20231:55 PMInactive/ Not Applicable
10/12/2023Burglary of a building 600 E. University Dr, Alpine Tx10/11/20239:00 AMClosed by Arrest
10/23/2023Criminal Trespass Warning 201 Ave B, Alpine Tx10/23/202310:30 AMInactive/ Not Applicable
10/24/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr., Alpine Tx10/23/20238:00 AM Inactive/Not Applicable
10/24/2023Criminal Mischief380 Lobo Drive, Alpine Tx10/23/20239:00 AMInactive/Not Applicable
10/24/2023Criminal Mischief380 Lobo Drive, Alpine Tx10/23/202310:00 AM Inactive/ Not Applicable
10/24/2023Hit and Run1430 E. Ave B, Alpine Tx10/23/202311:00 AMInactive/ Not Applicable
11/02/2023Criminal Mischief601 Mountainside Dr, Alpine Tx11/02/20238:30 AMInactive/Not Applicable
11/07/2023Burglary of a vehicle380 Lobo Drive, Alpine Tx11/07/2023N/AActive
11/07/2023Burglary of a Habitat1420 E. Ave B, Alpine Tx11/07/2023N/AActive
11/15/2023Criminal Mischief1450 E. Ave B, Alpine Tx11/15/2023N/AActive
11/20/2023Criminal Mischief1200 E. Sul Ross Ave, Alpine Tx11/20/202310:00 AMInactive/Not Applicable