Updated 8/5/2020

President's Statement and Latest Announcements
  • Alpine:
  • Fall Semester Opens August 24 for face to face and online classes
  • After Thanksgiving Break, all classes and finals will be online
  • RGC Campuses will all be remote learning

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Faculty and Staff in Education Department

Samuel Garcia               Assistant Professor/Counseling Program Coordinator              
Jorge Garza               Director of Education              
Bibiana Gutierrez               Asst Prof Psychology              
Hondo Hall               Record Archivist- Alpine Campus              
Ronda Hayes               Instructor of Education, Counselor Education Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-              
Matthew Marsh               Assistant Director of Teacher Education/ Certification Coordinator- Alpine Campus              
Jennifer Miller               Assistant Professor of Education, Reading Program and Educational Tech Program Coordinator              
Tamara Olive               Adjunct Faculty              
Madison Owen               Administrative Assistant              
Isela Pena               Assitant Professor of Education, Leadership Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-              
Galen Privitt               Professor of Education, Superintendent Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-              
Diana Rodriguez               Instructor of Education, Director of Teacher Education -Alpine Campus-              
Jesse Salazar               Assistant Professor              
Rebecca Schlosser               Professor of Education -Alpine Campus-              
Nathaniel Smith               Instructor of Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Coordinator -Alpine Campus-              
Lisa Sousa               Assistant Professor of Education, Diagnostician Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-              
Gina Stocks               Associate Professor of Education              
Paula Wallace, PhD               Adjunct -Alpine Campus-              
Rebecca-Greathouse Wren               Director of SRSU Counseling & Accessibility Services, Counselor, & Adjunct Instructor