ENG 5306

ENG 5306 Seminar: Studies and Research Techniques in English Literature (3-0). Topics include subjects like those named below and are announced in the Schedule of courses for the semester in which they are offered: Shakespeare; British Novel; Victorian Poets; Contemporary Fiction. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

Fall 2022

Seminar:Stud/Res Tech Eng Lit   Section V01   Ian Peddie
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Summer 2022

Sem: Pop. Music & British Cult   Section 2W1   Ian Peddie

Fall 2021

19th Century British Lit   Section W01   Ian Peddie

Summer 2021

Twentieth Century British Lit.   Section 2W1   Ian Peddie

Spring 2021

Seminar: Shakespeare Tragedies   Section W01   Rosemary Briseño, Ph.D.