Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with W

Joe Waggoner               Dir Title V Frontier Stu Exper             McNair Scholars Program
Kayla Waggoner               Education and Cultural Resources             Library
Paula Wallace, PhD               Adjunct -Alpine Campus-             Education
Matthew Walter               Curator Collections/Youth Prog             Museum of the Big Bend
Bonnie Warnock               Dean ALPS and Professor NRM             College of Ag, Life & Physical Sciences
Adam Watson               Library Assistant             Library
Xavier Webb               Head Mens Basketball Coach             Athletics
Stephanie Weintraut               Talent Search Data Tracking             Trio Talent Search
Melissa Wesney               Assistant Professor             Education
Dafne Westerlink               Lead and International Admission Counselor             Center for Enrollment Services-Admissions
Nicolas Westerlink               Coord Adm Couns & Events             Enrollment Management
James White               Athletics Temp Monthly             Athletics
Maria White               Administrative Specialist             Gear Up
Kallee Wilkins               Assistant Softball/Volleyball Coach             Athletics
Dean Wilkinson               News & Publications             News & Publications
Katy Williams, (She/Her)               Director of Civic Engagement & Student Assistance             Student Life
Savannah Williamson               Assistant Professor History             Behavioral & Social Sciences
Bradley Wilson               Offensive Coordinator             Athletics
Amanda Withers               Contracted Employees Alpine             Cashiers
Beatriz Wong               Talent Search Coordinator             Trio Talent Search
Amanda Workman               Athletic Director             Athletics
Wesley Wynne               PT RGC Faculty NBS SSI             Natural & Behavioral Sciences