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Faculty and Staff in Behavioral & Social Sciences Department

Ibrahim Alsaeed               PT Faculty IE BASS Spring              
Benjamin Barrientes                              
Jimmy Case               Professor of Political Science and Public Administration              
Kendra DeHart               Asst Professor History              
James Downing               Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Professor              
Bibiana M. GutiĆ©rrez, Ph.D.               Assitant Professor Psychology              
Matthew Marsh               Assistant Director of Teacher Education              
Jennifer McCormack               Asst Professor Geography              
Mark Saka               Chair Asst Prof Political Sci              
John Smietana               Instructor              
Anne VanLoon               Administrative Assistant              
Jessica Velasco               Instructor of Political Science & Public Administration              
Matthew Walter               Curator Collections/Youth Prog              
Savannah Williamson               Assistant Professor History              
Rebecca-Greathouse Wren               Director of SRSU Counseling & Accessibility Services, Counselor, & Adjunct Instructor