President's Statement and Latest Announcements
  • Alpine:
  • Fall Semester Opens August 24 for face to face and online classes
  • After Thanksgiving Break, all classes and finals will be online
  • RGC Campuses will all be remote learning

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Faculty and Staff in Physical Plant Department

Chris Anderson               Grounds Maintenance Supervisor              
Alfredo Armendariz               Custodial Worker              
Rosa Armendariz               Custodial Worker              
Barry Black               Prof Bus Driver/Mechanic              
Ofelia Bueno               Custodial Worker              
Gabriela Cadena               Custodial Worker              
Celia Cano               Custodial Worker              
Elsa Contreras               Custodial Worker              
Napoleon Contreras               Custodial Worker              
William Dixon               Plumber              
Tommy Dominguez               Maintenance Worker              
Jose Fernandez               Carpenter              
Ruben Garcia               Utilities Plant Supervisor              
John Gattis               Assistant Plumber              
Faustino Gonzales               Grounds Keeper              
Gary Grabow               Grounds Keeper              
Richard Guevara               Electrician              
Lupita Iniguez               Administrative Specialist              
Robert Jacob               Director Fac Plan Construction              
Jason Jaquez               Receiving & Supply Assistant              
Marie Jurado               Custodial Worker              
Kurt Kibler               Building Maintenance Supervisor              
Jessie Lara               Assistant Director              
Francisco Leyva               Painter              
Jose Loya               Custodial Worker              
Maria Lozoya-Olveda               Custodial Worker              
Tony Lujan               Custodial Worker              
Heriberto Madrid               Grounds Keeper              
Eduardo Martinez               Vehicle Mechanic              
Guadalupe Martinez               Temporary Custodian              
Maria Morales               Custodial Worker              
Sam Orona               Vehcile Maintenance Supervisor              
Adan Reyes               Electrical Supervisor              
Dwayne Reyes               Grounds Keeper              
Elva Rodriguez               Custodial Worker              
Robert Rodriguez               Custodial Worker              
Victor Romero               Assistant Director              
Roberto Sanchez Gandara               Custodial Worker              
Elvia Sandate               Custodial Worker              
Martha Serrano               Executive Assistant              
Abel Silvas               Grounds Keeper              
Angelica Silvas               Custodial Worker              
Robert Skillern               Custodial Worker              
Monica Torres               Custodial Worker              
Rebecca Valenzuela               Custodial Services Supervisor              
Manuel Valles               Receiving & Supply Supervisor              
Jared Williams               Vehicle Mechanic