Fine Arts & Communication

Andrew D. Alegría               Asst. Professor of Music / Director of Choral Activities and Vocal Study              
Kevin Arnold               Theater Summer Production              
Sidney Balman               Writer In Residence              
Carolyn Barrientes               Asst Prof of Theatre              
Alayna Damm               Fine Arts Music              
Alex Fleming               Professor of Theatre              
Teofila Flores               Administrative Assistant VAPA and BASS              
Karrin Ford               Assoc Professor of Music              
Chloe Friedman               Theater Summer Production              
Julian MacDonald               Theater Summer Production              
Bret Scott, MFA               Assoc. Professor of Communication              
Marjorie Scott               Chair & Associate Prof Comm/Theatre              
Josh Tanzer               Theater Summer Production              
Gregory Tegarden               Assoc Professor Studio Arts              
Mary Elizabeth Thompson               Associate Professor Music              
Rebecca Weinberg               Theater Summer Production