Faculty and Staff in Fine Arts & Communication Department

Andrew Alegría               Asst. Professor of Music / Director of Choral Activities and Vocal Study              
Carolyn Barrientes               Asst Prof of Theatre              
Steven Bennack                              
Valerie Breuvart               Instructor              
Richard Curtin                              
Avram Dumitrescu               Assoc Prof Art Gaming              
Carol Fairlie               Professor of Art              
Karrin Ford               Assoc Professor of Music              
Robbyn Hill               Adminisrative Specialist              
Jeffrey Meyer               Asst Prof Music/Band              
Dona Roman               Professor of Theatre              
Jay Sawyer               Lecturer              
Bret Scott, MFA               Assoc. Professor of Communication              
Marjorie Scott               Chair & Assist Prof Comm/Theat              
Cynthia Sims               PT Faculty IE Fine Arts Fall              
Stanley Standly               Lecturer in Communication              
Gregory Tegarden               Assistant Prof in Studio Art              
Mary Elizabeth Thompson                              
Joseph Velasco, PhD               Assoc Prof of Communication