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HB 2504 requires posting course and instructor information for two years

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ACC   Accounting-ALP    ACCA   Accounting-ALP    
ACCR   Accounting-RGC    ACCT   Accounting-RGC    
AST   Admin Systems & Technology    AGB   Agricultural Business    
AGED   Agricultural Education    ANSC   Animal Science    
ANTH   Anthropology    ART   Art    
ARTC   Art Computer (digital)    ASTR   Astronomy    
BIOL   Biology-ALP    BIO   Biology-RGC    
CHEM   Chemistry    COMM   Communication    
CS   Computer Science    CSAT   Computer Science Art Tech    
CSST   Computer Science Cybersecurity    CSA   Computer Science-ALP    
CJ   Criminal Justice-ALP    CRIM   Criminal Justice-RGC    
ECO   Economics-ALP    ECOA   Economics-ALP    
ECON   Economics-RGC    ECOR   Economics-RGC    
ED   Education-ALP    EDUA   Education-ALP    
EDSR   Education-RGC    EDUC   Education-RGC    
ENG   English-ALP    ENGL   English-RGC    
FIN   Finance-ALP    FINA   Finance-ALP    
FINR   Finance-RGC    FA   Fine Arts    
SRSU   First Year Experience    FLP   Freshman Leadership Program    
GBA   General Business-ALP    GBAA   General Business-ALP    
GBAR   General Business-RGC    GBUS   General Business-RGC    
GS   General Studies    GGR   Geography-RGC    
GEOL   Geology    HIST   History-ALP    
HST   History-RGC    IT   Industrial Technology    
JOUR   Journalism    KES   Kinesiology - ALP    
KINE   Kinesiology and Sports Science    LA   Liberal Arts    
MISR   Management Info System-RGC    MISY   Management Info System-RGC    
MGT   Management-ALP    MGTA   Management-ALP    
MGMT   Management-RGC    MGTR   Management-RGC    
MKT   Marketing-ALP    MKTA   Marketing-ALP    
MKTG   Marketing-RGC    MKTR   Marketing-RGC    
MATH   Mathematics-ALP    MTH   Mathematics-RGC    
MAS   Mexican American Studies    MUS   Music    
NRM   Natural Resource Management    NCBO   Non-Course Based Offering    
NSCL   NSCL Enrollment Reporting    NUR   Nursing    
NURS   Nursing - RN to BSN    ORGL   Organizational Leadership-RGC    
PHIL   Philosophy    PE   Physical Education    
PHYS   Physics    PS   Political Science-ALP    
POLS   Political Science-RGC    PSY   Psychology-ALP    
PSCH   Psychology-RGC    RCH   Ranch Management    
SCED   Science Education - ALP    SCER   Science Education - RGC    
SOC   Sociology    SPAN   Spanish-ALP    
SPN   Spanish-RGC    STAT   Statistics    
THEA   Theatre    WS   Women's Studies