Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with H

Jennifer Haan               Director of Online Programs & Distance Ed             Education
Randy Hall               Record Archivist- Alpine Campus             Education
Eric Hamm               Financial Aid Counselor             Financial Aid
Paulette Harris               Exec Asst for VP Admin Service             Administrative Services-RGC
Suzanne Harris, PhD               Director of Academic Affairs             Academic Affairs
Louis Harveson               Director             Borderlands Research Institute
Ronda Hayes               Instructor of Education, Counselor Education Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-             Education
Katherine Hector               PT Faculty IE Kines & HP Fall             Kinesiology & Human Performance
Carlos Hernandez               President             Office of the President
Carmen Hernandez               Lecturer Reading ACE             Academic Center for Excellence
Christopher Hernandez               Admin Specialist Lobo Den             Lobo Den Advising and Tutoring Center
George Hernandez               Director OIT Operations MRGC             Office of Information Technology
Jorge Hernandez               Professor of History             Humanities
Tomas Hernandez               PT Faculty IE BGPS Fall             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Christopher Herrera, PhD, MBA               Assoc Dean of Online Learning & Distance Ed             Academic Affairs
Alexandra Hettena               GIS Specialist BRI             Borderlands Research Institute
Matthew Hewitt               BRI Research Associate             Borderlands Research Institute
Anne Marie Hilscher               Biology Lecturer             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Justin Hinton               Fine Arts Student WS             Fine Arts & Communication
Ida Hoelscher               Dir Advancing Grad Programs en la Frontera             Graduate Student Center Title V
Cynthia Hugill               Bus Services Asst RGC             Business Services-RGC
Lonora Hunt               Administrative Coordinator             Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences