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Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with H

Randy Hall               Record Archivist- Alpine Campus             Education
Mary Anne Hanley               Faculty             Arts and Sciences - Nursing
Alex Hardison               Lecturer Develop Math ACE             Academic Center for Excellence
John Harlow               Athletics Temporary Hourly             Athletics
Paulette Harris               Exec Asst for VP Admin Service             Administrative Services-RGC
Louis Harveson               Director BRI Professor NRM             Borderlands Research Institute
Patricia Harveson               Professor             Natural Resource Management
Tara Haskins, DNP, RN               PT RGC Faculty Nursing Spring             Arts and Sciences - Nursing
Ronda Hayes               Instructor of Education, Counselor Education Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-             Education
Ryan Heckart               Administrative Assistant             Office of the President
James Hector               Associate Professor Kinesiology and Human Performance             Education
Katherine Hector                             Kinesiology & Human Performance
George Hernandez               Director OIT Operations MRGC             Office of Information Technology
Jorge Hernandez               Professor of History             Humanities
Martha Hernandez               Assistant Director, Del Rio             Gear Up
Aaron Herrera               Retention Specialist/Advisor             Student Support Services
Christopher Herrera, PhD, MBA               Chair, Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator             Kinesiology & Human Performance
Mabel Herrera               Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist             Lobo Den Freshman Center
Robbyn Hill               Payroll Specialist             Accounting Services
Anne Marie Hilscher               Adjunct Lecturer, Biology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Ida Hoelscher               Director of Talent Search             Trio Talent Search
Lorie Holmes-VanDusen               SIS Specialist Part-time             Records & Registration
Michael Howard               Digital Imaging Specialist             Archives of the Big Bend
John Howle               Contracted Employees Alpine             Aramark
John Hughes               Health Serv Coord             Student Health Services
Cynthia Hugill               Bus Services Asst RGC             Business Services-RGC
Lonora Hunt               Administrative Coordinator             Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences
Susan Hurley               Contracted Employees Alpine             (unlisted)