Students and faculty will serve on the Academic Integrity Council and will be actively involved in developing and enforcing standards pertaining to academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Council (AIC) will provide due process to alleged violators, including: (a) Authority, (b) Jurisdiction, (c) Notice, (d) Hearings, and (e) Appeal. The Charge and Purpose of the AIC is to promote and support academic integrity at SRSU. To meet this goal, the AIC will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing education and resources that promote an understanding of the importance of academic integrity at SRSU
  • Providing support and resource guidance to faculty members to assist in their promotion of academic integrity in their courses
  • Advising students and faculty who report academic integrity violations
  • Providing guidance to students who are involved in allegations of academic misconduct.
  • Serving as neutral investigators of alleged academic integrity violations
  • Conducting hearings for students involved in allegations of academic misconduct
  • Maintaining records about cases of academic misconduct on the SRSU campuses
  • Evaluating policies related to academic integrity on a regular basis
  • Participating in faculty and student surveys on academic integrity at regular intervals

The duties of the AIC members include:

  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Academic Integrity Council
  • Communicate and promote the Student Honor Code to the SRSU community
  • Provide training and faculty assistance
  • Advise students and faculty who report violations
  • Serve as neutral investigators of alleged academic integrity violations
  • Serve as panel members during hearings of alleged academic integrity violations


Membership to the Academic Integrity Council consists of a Chair, four faculty members (one from each academic college and one from RGC), two students per academic college plus one from RGC, appointed by the Deans, and graduate students. Note that for a hearing, at least two faculty members and one student must be present.

Term: Three-years, except for the initial appointments; students, one-year; Note that terms for AIC begin at the end of the spring semester and end at the conclusion of the spring semester of the final year of appointment. Members may serve two consecutive terms. Members may be removed from office for violations. Replacement of members is made by the respective entity for the remaining portions of their terms.

Chair: Elected by membership

Membership as of Spring 2023 Expiration of Term
Dr. Angela Brown, ALPS Faculty Representative

Dr. Billy Jack Ray, EPS Faculty Representative

RGC Faculty Representative

Dr. Jessica Velasco, LASS, – Chair

Suzanne Harris, Dean of Students

Marley Rokas, LASS Student Rep







Minutes and Documents