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Faculty Assembly


The Faculty Assembly at Sul Ross State University is the principal faculty governance organization for the Alpine campus. Its constitution designates a number of permanent councils whose primary role is to advise the University Administration on matters relating to the academic mission of the University.

The Faculty Assembly may also appoint special councils to carry out specified tasks. These councils report back to the Faculty Assembly and recommendations are forwarded to the administration through the appropriate council.

The Faculty Assembly Executive Council shall oversee the general interests and business of the Faculty Assembly.

Place an item on the Agenda

Have something to discuss? Members may contact any member of the Faculty Assembly Executive Council to place an item on a future meeting agenda.


Spring 2022 Faculty Assembly Membership Meetings

-via Betsy Evans, Faculty Assembly Secretary-Treasurer-

Save the date for the Spring 2022 Faculty Assembly Membership Meetings:

  • Monday, February 21, 3:30 PM
  • Tuesday, March 22, 3:30 PM
  • Monday, April 18, 3:30 PM

Outstanding Teaching Award – Accepting Nominations

The announcement was made at the September 20, 2021 Faculty Assembly Membership Meeting that nominations for the Outstanding Teaching Award are now open.

One page nominations will be submitted to the Faculty Assembly President and the Faculty
Senate President in the fall semester. Alpine will solicit one-page nominations in
September and October. RGC will solicit one-page nominations in the fall semester.

The Alpine Faculty Assembly will disseminate the nomination forms to the
membership before the November meeting. The membership will determine
whether it wants to disseminate the nominations forms to the membership with
or without the nominator identified.

The Alpine Faculty Assembly Executive Council will confirm the eligibility of
the nominees before the November meeting and create a ballot. The Alpine
Faculty Assembly will vote for three nominees at the November meeting.

As RGC’s Faculty Senate only meets once each long semester, the Senate will
determine its nominee by email.

Completed nomination forms and packet materials are due to the Vice President for Academic
Affairs by the second Friday in February.

The Provost, in consultation with the Alpine Faculty Assembly and the RGC Faculty Senate, will
determine the Selection Committee members by the second Friday in February.

The Committee completes the selection process by the second Friday in March.

The Recipient is recognized by the end of the spring semester at the UC.

The Minnie Stevens Piper nominations are submitted by the November deadline.

Executive Council

Kathy Stein

Director of the Academic Center for Excellence
Academic Center for Excellence
FH 214B

Theron Francis

Asst Professor Language & Lit
Languages & Literature
MAB 112C
432 837-8283

Betsy Evans

Director of Library and Research Technologies
WML 103
432 837-8312

Eric Busby

Asst Professor Industrial Technology
Industrial Technology
ITB 101


Jessica Kelsch

Instructor of Geology
Biology, Geology & Physical Science
WSB 316
432 837 8657

Billy Jack Ray, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor / Graduate Program Coordinator
GPC 101

Joseph Velasco, PhD

Assoc Prof of Communication
Fine Arts & Communication
FAB 206B
432 837 8370
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