Joint Budget Oversight Council (JBOC)

The Joint Budget Oversight Council (JBOC) membership is composed of tenured faculty with the exception of the Alpine Faculty Assembly President, the RGC Faculty Senate President, the Provost, the Associate Provost of Research and Development, and the senior budget officer who shall serve as ex officio members. College representation is in addition to ex officio faculty representation. Therefore, RGC faculty representation should at minimum be the Faculty Senate President plus one tenured RGC faculty member. The Provost and the senior budget officer are the only non-voting members. Membership appointments serve our four goals: (1) representation across academic colleges, (2) knowledge and expertise in fiscal and budgetary matters, (3) collaboration between faculty and administration, and (4) a balance of continuity and rejuvenation in membership. Those appointed to the JBOC shall undergo a period of training and education.

The major responsibilities of the Joint Budget Oversight Council (JBOC) shall be to:

  • Consider University budget policies, procedures, and practices with special emphasis on the academic budget
  • Review budget and resource allocations made by the University
  • Develop and oversee procedures for ensuring timely and significant JBOC participation in the University budget-making process
  • Make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly and RGC Faculty Senate including matters pertaining to
    • academic salary structure and system;
    • prioritization of capital equipment requests;
    • fiscal priorities and major budget categories for the expenditure of the University budget;
    • the establishment and control of accounts;
    • proposed personnel additions or deletions relating to academic programs;
    • and other budget-related matters

Term: Offsetting three-year periods commencing after the first term expiration
Chair: Elected by membership

Ex-officio (non-voting) Members:

EVP & Provost – Bernie Cantens

VP for Finance & Operations – Bonnie Albright

Associate Provost of Research & Development – Louis Harveson

Voting Members:

President, RGC Faculty Senate –

RGC Faculty Rep. – Mary Jane Sauceda

President, Alpine Faculty Assembly – Eric Busby

College of ALPS Reps – Kris Jorgenson, Chris Ritzi, Elizabeth Measures, & Billy Jack Ray

College of EPS Rep –Ismail Gunes

College of LASS Rep – Joseph Velasco

Minutes, Documents, and Other Information