The responsibilities of the Research Council shall be to:

  1. Administer the Research Enhancement and Faculty Development and Enrichment programs. The council shall issue calls for proposals, shall review proposals, and shall recommend to the Chief Academic Officer of the University allocations of the Research Enhancement and Faculty Development and Enrichment monies.
  2. Recommend general guidelines for the submitting of requests, including the criteria for judging proposals, the categories of priority, and any restrictions which may be placed on a grant approval by the university.
  3. Recommend policies defining ethical and legal requirements relating to research such as experimentation with human and animal subjects, copyrights, patents, utilization of research assistants, use and ownership of equipment, collection of data, the rights of investigators, conflicts of interest, consulting, and other matters which from time to time may require review, discussion, and action.
  4. Advise on policies and matters relating to research and grant administration and faculty development and enrichment which may be referred to the Council by the academic administration.
  5. Advise the administration on needs in research endeavors (e.g., personnel, equipment, library resources, computer services, travel, publishing, etc.) and generally promote the support of research activities.
  6. Assist in the general research efforts of the institution through appropriate publicity, investigation of possible sources of funding for research, and encouragement of research by the faculty.
  7. Study and develop plans and make recommendations for the organization of a systematic program for the encouragement and advancement of scholarly post-doctoral research and publication by the members of the faculty.
  8. Study and develop plans and recommendations for the organization of a systematic program of faculty development and enrichment.


Primary Responsibility Area: Academic



Membership is appointed and shall consist of seven members elected by Faculty Assembly. Members may include only librarians and tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Term: three-year, staggered


Membership as of Spring 2024 Expiration of Term
Dr. Robert Kinucan, ALPS

Dr. Karrin Ford, LASS

Dr. Jessica Velasco, LASS

Dr. Bradley Carpenter

Dr. Lisa Sousa, EPS, Chair

Dr. Ian Peddie, LASS

Dr. Chris Ritzi

Victoria Contreras








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