Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with L

Michelle Lacey               Director Title V DHSI, Digital Transformation & Modernization             Library
Aurora Lagarde               Student Support Service and Career Services Data Tracking             Student Support Services
Michelle Lancaster               Director of Academic Affairs             Academic Affairs
Susan Land               RGC Testing and Certification Coordinator             Education-RGC
Jessie Lara               Exec Dir of Physical Plant             Physical Plant
Magdalena Lara               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Edgar Lara Marquez               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Elizabeth Lara-Marquez               Cashier Part-time             Accounting Services
Thornton Larson               Asst Professor of Biology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Jules Lattimer                             Languages & Literature
Alicia Layne               PT Administrative Specialist             Business Administration
Jessika Ledezma               Business Dev Advisor             Small Business Development Center-RGC
Kimberly Leftwich               PT Faculty Nursing SSI             Nursing
Karin Leiva Otzoy                             Education
Francisco Leyva               Painter             Physical Plant
Lynn Loomis               Adjunct Professor             Natural Resource Management
Anique Lopez               Assistant Director of Residential Living             Residential Living
Jacob Lopez               Asst Mens Basketball Coach             Athletics
Lisa Lopez               Instructor of Education             Education
Destinee Love-Campbell               Meats Lab Manager             Meat Lab
Jim Low                             Industrial Technology
Jose Loya               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Judith Loya               Director             Lobo Den Advising and Tutoring Center
Amanda Loza               Admin Specialist Nursing             Nursing
Maria Lozoya-Olveda               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Christopher Lujan               Retention Specialist Advisor Lobo Den             Lobo Den Advising and Tutoring Center
Isabella Lujan               Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness             Institutional Effectiveness
Ryan Luna               Chair and Professor NRM             College of Ag, Life & Physical Sciences