Instructional Technology Advisory Committee


To act as an advisory group to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the following charges:

  • Advise the CIO on significant technology trends that influence the teaching and learning processes.
  • Recommend priorities for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) through a review of academic technology proposals and recommendations submitted to OIT.
  • Review and recommend additions or changes to technology policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines that have an impact on the teaching and learning processes.
  • Meet on a monthly basis during the long terms of each academic year.

Primary Area of Responsibility

All University


The committee consists of faculty representatives (including SRSU-Uvalde, SRSU-Eagle Pass, and SRSU-Del Rio), one representative from the library, one representative from the Title V grants, the Director of Educational Technology, the Coordinator of LTAC. The Chief Information Officer serves as ex officio chair and the OIT Administrative Assistant serves as ex officio Secretary.



Membership Expiration of term
Column 1 Value Column 2 Value