Spring 2022 COVID Update --- RGC Campuses


The RGC Campuses in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde will continue remote learning through Jan. 21

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Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with K

Jeffrey Keeling               Lecturer             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
David Keller               Senior Project Archaeologist             Center for Big Bend Studies
Jessica Kelsch               Instructor of Geology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Rosemary Ketring               Meat Lab Manager             ANRS-Meats Lab
P. Brian Kiessling II                             Kinesiology & Human Performance
Keonho Kim                             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Melissa Kimberlin                             Education
Robert Kinucan               Professor             Natural Resource Management
Darren Kohut               Adjunct Professor             Natural & Behavioral Sciences-RGC