Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with S

Mark Saka               Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences: Professor of History             Behavioral & Social Sciences
Terrie Salas               Head Cashier             Accounting Services
Jesse Salazar               Assistant Professor             Education
Micella Salcido               Business Advisor             Small Business Development Center
Jennifer Salley               Contracted Employees Alpine             Office of Information Technology
Roberto Sanchez Gandara               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Elvia Sandate               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Cody Santos               RGC Education Student Inst             (unlisted)
Mary Jane Sauceda               Associate Professor of Accounting             Business Administration-RGC
Melissa Schenkman               Coordinator Transfer Spec             Center for Enrollment Services
Rebecca Schlosser               Professor of Education -Alpine Campus-             Education
Bryon Schroeder               Dir Center Big Bend Studies             Center for Big Bend Studies
Bret Scott, MFA               Assoc. Professor of Communication             Fine Arts & Communication
Marjorie Scott               Chair & Assist Prof Comm/Theat             Fine Arts & Communication
Henry Segovia               Housing Administration Assistant             Residential Living
Derek Serrano               Enrollment Specialist             Enrollment Management
Martha Serrano               Executive Assistant             Physical Plant
Valerie Shaffer               Gear Up Temp Monthly             Gear Up
Thomas Shiller               Assistant Professor             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Glenn Short               Instructor of Education -Alpine Campus-             Education
Robert Skillern               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Cynthia Slocumb               Operations Supervisor             Library
Nathaniel Smith               Assistant Professor of Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Coordinator -Alpine Campus-             Education
Helen Snook               TAMUK TxDot Native Plant Temp             Borderlands Research Institute
Brandy Snyder               Dean of Students and FYS Instructor             Student Life
Laura Sotelo               Gear Up Proj Assess manager             Gear Up
Lisa Sousa               Assistant Professor of Education, Diagnostician Program Coordinator -Alpine Campus-             Education
Jesus Spencer               Property & Inventory Coord             Accounting Services-Property & Inventory
Susan Spring               FT Faculty Lang & Lit Spring 2018             Languages & Literature
Stanley Standly               Lecturer in Communication             Fine Arts & Communication
Kathy Stein               Director of the Academic Center for Excellence             Academic Center for Excellence
Shannon Stockbridge               Assoc Dir Strategic Engagement             (unlisted)
Gina Stocks               Associate Professor of Education             Education
John Subia               Police Officer             University Police Department