Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with R

Aryel Ramirez               Senior Enrollment Specialist             RGC Admissions & Records
Corina Ramirez               Risk and Compliance Manager             Finance & Operations
Delia Ramirez               RGC Business Services Director             RGC Business Services
Candes Ramon               Campus Activities Coord             University Center and Campus Activities
Billy Jack Ray, Ed.D.               Assistant Professor / Undergraduate Program Coordinator             Kinesiology & Human Performance
Paedric Rayburn               Network Specialist             Office of Information Technology
Yvonne Realivasquez               Executive Director Admin & Dev             Office of the President
DeMetris Reed               PT Faculty Animal Science SSII             Animal Science
Adan Reyes               Electrical Supervisor             Physical Plant
Dwayne Reyes               Grounds Keeper             Physical Plant
Francine Richter               Assoc Prof Language & Lit             Languages & Literature
Garrett Ritchey                             Education
Christopher Ritzi               Professor and Chair of BGPS             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Suzanne Robinson               DOE-Title V- Lobo Road to Suc             Lobo Road to Success - Title V
Sarah Roche               RGC Professor of English             RGC Humanities
Angel Rodriguez               Library Assistant / Acquisitions             Library
Dafne Rodriguez               Department of Nursing Coordinator             Arts and Sciences - Nursing
Diana Rodriguez               Director of Teacher Education             Education
Elva Rodriguez               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Emma Rodriguez               Curriculum Assess Spec             Upward Bound
Frederico Rodriguez               Accounting Administrative Assistant             Accounting Services
Jesus Rodriguez               Contracted Employees Alpine             Office of Information Technology
Robert Rodriguez               Custodial Worker             Physical Plant
Jeremy Roethler               Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science             RGC Humanities
Kimra Rogers                             Education
David Rohr               Emeritus Professor of Geology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Dona Roman               Professor of Theatre             Fine Arts & Communication
Tanya Romero               Finance and Budget Coordinator             Budget & Finance
Victor Romero               Assistant Director             Physical Plant
Terrence Ross               Equipment Maintenance Worker             Industrial Technology
Julie Rumbelow               Senior Administrative and Publications Coordinator             Borderlands Research Institute
Maggie Rumbelow               Cur of Temp Exibit & Adult Pro             Museum of the Big Bend
Esther Rumsey               Director of International Studies             International Studies
Todd Russell                             RGC Education