Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with G

Pamela Gaddis               Testing Admin/Examiner Proctor             Career Services & Testing
Michael Gallardo               Admission Counselor             Records and Registration
Elyas Gallego               Grounds Keeper/Assist Baseball             Athletics
Juan Gallegos               Senior Business Advisor             MRGC Small Business Development Center
Ulisses Gallegos               Enrollment Specialist             MRGC Student Services
Christopher Garcia               Lecturer Reading ACE             Academic Center for Excellence
Emily Garcia               Enrollment Specialist             Center for Enrollment Services
Loretta Garcia               Senior Business Advisor             Small Business Development Center
Mabel Garcia               Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist             Lobo Den Freshmen Center
Monica Garcia               Gear Up Data Tracking Spec Alp             Gear Up
Rebecca Garcia               PT Faculty IE Education Fall             Education
Ruben Garcia               Utilities Plant Supervisor             Physical Plant
Samuel Garcia               Assistant Professor/Counseling Program Coordinator             Education
Ileana Garcia-Williams               RGC Title V PPOHA Coor             MRGC PPOHA Title V
Lucio Garcia-Zuazua               Assistan Dir of Financial Aid             MRGC Financial Aid
Carmen Garibay               Upward Bound Temp Monthly             Upward Bound
Juan Garza               Tech Supp Spec II RGC             MRGC Office of Information Technology
John Gattis               Assistant Plumber             Physical Plant
Joan Gawloski                             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Maria Gear               RGC Asst Prof Education             MRGC Education
David Gibson               Assistant Vice President             Office of Information Technology
Miranda Gilbert               Admin Asst BGPS/Math Comp Sci             Biology Geology & Physical Science
Antony Giles               PT Faculty IE BGPS Fall             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Jasalyn Gilly               Administrative Specialist             Human Resources
Thea Glenn               PT CJ & CS             Computer Science & Mathematics
Martha Gluck               PT Faculty IE Fine Arts Fall             Education
Cynthia Gomez               Senior Bus Develop Specialist             MRGC Small Business Development Center
Faustino Gonzales               Grounds Keeper             Physical Plant
Leticia Gonzales               Mail Service Supervisor             Post Office
Mary Gonzales               Financial Aid Specialist             Center for Enrollment Services
Aurora Gonzalez               RGC Admissions Coordinator             MRGC Admissions
Ilda Gonzalez               Lecturer Language and Lit             Languages & Literature
Mayra Gonzalez               Training Coordinator/PSS             MRGC Small Business Development Center
Monica Gonzalez               Director of Gear Up Grant             Gear Up
Sergio Gonzalez               Adjunct Professor             Criminal Justice
Carlos Gonzalez-Gonzalez               Assistant Professor             Borderlands Research Institute
Geraldine Goosen               Proposed Director Bach Sci Nursing             Arts and Sciences - Nursing
Suresh Gowder               Contracted Employees Alpine             Office of Information Technology
Gary Grabow               Grounds Keeper             Physical Plant
Crystal Graham               Asst Professor of Biology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Sean Graham               Asst Professor of Biology             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Shawna Graves               Public Relations             News & Publications
Julia Green                             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
William Green               Professsor of Marketing             Business Administration
Bobby Greeson               Media Specialist             Enrollment Management
Lisa Griffith               Talent Search Data Spec/Sec             Talent Search Program
Juanita Guerra               PT Faculty IE Education Fall             Education
Velma Guerrero               RGC Bus Operations Asst             MRGC Business Services
Richard Guevara               Electrician             Physical Plant
Ismail D. Gunes, Ph.D.               Assistant Professor             Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
Bibiana M. GutiĆ©rrez, Ph.D.               Assitant Professor Psychology             Behavioral & Social Sciences
Monica Gutierrez               RGC Professor of Education             MRGC Education