Faculty and Staff whose Last Name Starts with G

Elyas Gallego               Head Baseball Coach             Athletics
Ulisses Gallegos               Assistant Director of Residential Living             Residential Living
Clayton Garcia               Asst AD for Internal Operations             Athletics
Isadora Garcia               Degree Audit Coordinator             Records & Registration
Monica Garcia               Administrative Specialist             Human Resources
Robin Garcia               PT Faculty IE Education Spring             Education
Ruben Garcia               Utilities Plant Supervisor             Physical Plant
Samuel Garcia               Assoc Prof Educ - Counseling             Education-RGC
Ileana Garcia-Williams               PT RGC Fac IE Education Spring             Education-RGC
Lucio Garcia-Zuazua               Assistant Director             Financial Aid-RGC
Carmen Garibay               Upward Bound Temp Monthly             Upward Bound
Rebecca Garibay               Education Temp Monthly             Education
Jorge Garza               VP for Admin Ser and COO             Administrative Services-RGC
Juan F. Garza               Tech Supp Spec II MRGC             Office of Information Technology
John Gattis               Grounds Keeper             Physical Plant
Maria Gear               Assoc Prof Educ - Leadership             Education-RGC
Antony Giles               PT Faculty IE BGPS Spring             Biology, Geology & Physical Science
Albino Gomez               Library Asst, Digital Imaging             Library
Cynthia Gomez               Senior Bus Advisor and Spec Projects Manager             Small Business Development Center-RGC
Leticia Gonzales               Mail Service Supervisor             Post Office
Aurora Gonzalez               Admissions Operations Specialist             Admissions & Records-RGC
Carlos Gonzalez               Assistant Professor             Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences
Ilda Gonzalez               Lecturer Spanish             Languages & Literature
Kevin Gonzalez               Bus Dev Spec SBDC RGC             Small Business Development Center-MRGC
Monica Gonzalez               Director of Gear Up Grant             Gear Up
Sergio Gonzalez               Adjunct Professor             Criminal Justice
Jim Goodman               VP of Advancement & Athletics             Office of Development & Advancement
Geraldine Goosen               Proposed Director Bach Sci Nursing             Nursing
TJ Graham               Retention Specialist/Advisor             Lobo Den Advising and Tutoring Center
Shawna Graves               BRI Communications Coordinator             Borderlands Research Institute
Williton Grear               Head Strength & Cond Coach             Residential Living
William Green               Professor of Marketing             Business Administration
Bobby Greeson               Media Specialist             Office of University Communications
Velma Guerrero               Business Services Asst RGC             Business Services-RGC
Richard Guevara               Electrician             Physical Plant
Rick Guilliams               BRI Administrative Coordinator             Borderlands Research Institute
Ismail D. Gunes, Ph.D.               Associate Professor             Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
Monica Gutierrez               Professor of Educ 1/2 time             Education-RGC