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Department of Industrial Technology Courses

IT 1303   Engineering Drawing I    
IT 1309   Power Technology    
IT 2303   Intro to CAD and Drafting    
IT 2307   Welding Technology    
IT 2355   Construction Estimating I   A practical study course designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skill necessary for accurately estimating required building material cost for construction projects. Included will be the study of cost analysis and cost control, overhead costa and control, cost comparison and adjusted standard cost.  
IT 3301   Intro to Supply Chain Mgmt.    
IT 3301   Managing a Construction Busine    
IT 3309   Construction Project Mgmt I   This course will provide an introduction to construction project management covering concepts of project selection, estimating, bidding, scheduling, subcontracting practices, cost controls, project documentation, construction bonds, insurance, payments and the elements of project close out. it will also provide for the development of professional communication skills through prepared multi-media presentations.  
IT 3319   Gen Auto Maint & Repair    
IT 3323   3D Computer Graphics    
IT 4311   Internship    
IT 4311   Internship II    
IT 4311   Professional Development    
IT 4329   Facility Design and Mgmt   This course provides a basic understanding the concepts, science, and strategic decision processes associated with locating and designing facilities. Students will learn how facility design can enhance customer satisfaction, and the methods to effectively utilize people, equipment, space and energy in facilities. Additionally, students will learn how facility design can reduce costs and grow supply chain profitability, and to identify safety hazards in facilities.  
IT 5304   Business Transportation Mgmt.