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ENG 1301   Composition I    
ENG 1302   Composition II   This course includes the study of various writing modes, with emphasis on exposition, critical analysis, and research techniques. Students will write well-developed, critical, persuasive, documented papers. Required of all students. Prerequisite: English 1301.  
ENG 2311   Technical and Business Writing   The study and practice of writing technical and professional reports related to scientific, industrial, and commercial fields. Prerequisite: ENG 1301.  
ENG 2315   Environmental Literature    
ENG 2323   British Literature II    
ENG 2328   American Literature II    
ENG 2331   World Literature    
ENG 2341   Forms of Literature    
ENG 3311   Children's & Adolescent Lit    
ENG 3312   Advanced Composition    
ENG 3321   Creative Writing:Poetry    
ENG 5302   Creative Writing Poetry    
ENG 5306   Seminar: Shakespeare Tragedies    
ENG 5306   Twentieth Century British Lit.    
ENG 5307   African American Literature    
ENG 5307   American Contemporary Drama    
ENG 5307   American Short Story    
SPAN 1411   Beginning Spanish I   This is an introductory course intended for students with little or no previous exposure to the Spanish language. Its main emphasis is to present essential vocabulary and grammar and to develop communicative and comprehension skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course includes an introduction Hispanic culture.  
SPAN 1412   Beginning Spanish II   This course is a continuation of Spanish 1411. It introduces new grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions, and topics which include new vocabulary. It continues to build the foundational skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness with emphasis on conversation, pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary. Prerequisite SPAN 1411 or equivalent.  
SPAN 2312   Intermediate Spanish II   This course is a continuation of Spanish 2311. It provides additional study of grammar and Hispanic culture with emphasis on written composition and oral presentations. NOTE: Those whose native language is Spanish, or those who have otherwise acquired a speaking knowledge of Spanish, should begin their study of Spanish with Spanish 2311. The course will meet the needs of those who have obtained a speaking knowledge of Spanish with little or no formal study. Successful completion of such a course will prepare the student to register for 2312.  
SPAN 3301   Spanish Grammar & Comp    
SPAN 3310   Spanish Literature I    
SPAN 3317   Modern Spanish Civilization   This course deals with the study of Spanish civilization since the XVI century to modern day Spain. The concentration will be in the Spanish presence in the Americas. Prerequisite: Spanish 2312 or consent of instructor.  
SPAN 4301   Spanish for the Professional   Topics include specific areas of studies in Spanish and will be announced in the curricular schedule for the semester in which they are offered. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Prerequisites: SPAN 1411, 1412, 2311, 2312  
SPAN 4316   Intro Translation II   Part two of introductory course in Spanish/English translation covering both theory and practice of translation. Prerequisites: SPAN 1411, 1412, 2311, 2312  
WS 2301   Women's & Gender Studies   This course enhances student?s knowledge, interest, and understanding of the contributions, challenges, needs, and aspirations of women and the way that gender shapes the lives of both women and men. It also seeks to re-examine material from much of the rest of the curriculum with a focus on women's perspectives and an awareness of the gender system, and as such, we will also focus on several different issues of masculinity. Therefore, half of the course will focus on women, the other on men. The "modest proposal" in Women's Studies then is study of history, language, literature, and culture from new and illuminating perspectives.