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NUR 3311   Essen Prof Nur Ru/Bo Cmty   This first nursing course taken by students entering the BSN Program, introduces students to the program mission, philosophy, conceptual framework, faculty philosophy of nursing and student learning processes. Students will explore nursing's history and relationship with a rapidly evolving health care system. Students will explore the major concepts of concern in the discipline of nursing; person, environment, nursing and health within the context of rural/border communities. Students will begin to appreciate personal values, and the impact of culture and environment on health and wellness in the frontier regions of Texas. In this course students initiate nurse-patient relationships during the first phase of the Geriatric Project. The course introduces the students to professional writing, inquiry, reflection, and self-care as the foundation for individual professional development.  
NUR 3314   Nur Pharmacology   This course is an introduction to pharmacology with emphasis on the actions, interactions, dosage, half-life, adverse effects, and nursing implications for medications in each drug classification. Emphasis on medications as a major treatment modality for all age groups will continue throughout the nursing education experience. In addition to learning key medications in each drug classification, topics will include the roles and responsibilities of the nurse in safe administration of medications, observation and documentation of desired and adverse effects from the medication and principles to be followed in patient teaching within a legal/ethical framework. Rural and frontier community characteristics that pose unique challenges or successful pharmacological therapies will be addressed. Knowledge of how medication effectiveness may be altered by circadian rhythms; incompatibilities with other prescribed rugs, over the counter drugs and alternative medications; conflict with nutritional intake and poor compliance with drug intake will be acquired in classroom, skills lab, and external lab clinical learning activities.