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ACC   Accounting-ALP    ACCT   Accounting-RGC    
AST   Admin Systems & Technology    AGB   Agricultural Business    
ANSC   Animal Science    ANTH   Anthropology    
ART   Art    ARTC   Art Computer (digital)    
ASTR   Astronomy    BIOL   Biology-ALP    
BIO   Biology-RGC    BLAW   Business Law-RGC    
CHEM   Chemistry    COMM   Communication    
CS   Computer Science    CSAT   Computer Science Art Tech    
CSST   Computer Science Cybersecurity    CJ   Criminal Justice-ALP    
CRIM   Criminal Justice-RGC    ECO   Economics-ALP    
ECON   Economics-RGC    ED   Education-ALP    
EDUC   Education-RGC    ENG   English-ALP    
ENGL   English-RGC    FIN   Finance-ALP    
FINA   Finance-ALP    FA   Fine Arts    
SRSU   First Year Experience    FLP   Freshman Leadership Program    
GBA   General Business-ALP    GBUS   General Business-RGC    
GS   General Studies    GEOG   Geography-ALP    
GGR   Geography-RGC    GEOL   Geology    
HIST   History-ALP    HST   History-RGC    
HONS   Honors    IT   Industrial Technology    
IBUS   International Business-RGC    JOUR   Journalism    
KES   Kinesiology - ALP    LA   Liberal Arts    
MISY   Management Info System-RGC    MGT   Management-ALP    
MGMT   Management-RGC    MKT   Marketing-ALP    
MKTG   Marketing-RGC    MATH   Mathematics-ALP    
MTH   Mathematics-RGC    MAS   Mexican American Studies    
MUS   Music    NRM   Natural Resource Management    
NCBO   Non-Course Based Offering    NSCL   NSCL Enrollment Reporting    
NUR   Nursing    NURS   Nursing - RN to BSN    
ORGL   Organizational Leadership-RGC    PHIL   Philosophy    
PHL   Philosophy-RGC    PE   Physical Education    
PHYS   Physics    PS   Political Science-ALP    
POLS   Political Science-RGC    PSY   Psychology-ALP    
PSCH   Psychology-RGC    QMTS   Quantitative Methods-RGC    
RCH   Ranch Management    SOC   Sociology    
SPAN   Spanish-ALP    SPN   Spanish-RGC    
THEA   Theatre    WS   Women's Studies    

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Ag Life and Phys Science
Acad Center for Excellence        Animal Science        
Biol Geol and Phys Sciences        Biology        
Industrial Technology        Math and Computer Science        
Natural Resource Management        Nursing        

Agricultural and Natural Resou
Animal Science        Industrial Technology        
Natural Resource Management        

Arts and Sciences
Acad Center for Excellence        Academic Center for Excellence        
Arts and Sciences        Behavioral and Social Sciences        
Behavioral and Social Sciences        Biol Geol and Phys Sciences        
Computer Science and Math        Fine Arts and Communication        
Languages and Literature        Nursing        

Literature Arts and Social Sci
Acad Center for Excellence        Academic Center for Excellence        
Arts and Sciences        Behavioral and Social Sciences        
Behavioral and Social Sciences        Fine Arts and Communication        
Languages and Literature        Languages and Literature        

Ed and Professional Studies
Business Administration        Criminal Justice        
Education        Homeland Security & CJ        
Industrial Technology        Kinesiology &Human Performance        

Rio Grande College
Business Administration        Education        
Humanities        Natural and Social Sciences